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This website is for, and by, the American Military Personnel who served in Turkey from the 1950's onward, up until the present day: WELCOME!

Please check out all the options in the Tool Bar immediately above.  If this is your first time here, and you would like to add your stories and/or photos, click on "Contact" and send me an email.  If you don't mind filling out forms, you can use the automated form here and fill in the blanks.

Jan Claire, the previous owner of this website at, transferred ownership of the site to me, George W. Durman, in March 2013.  (I served multiple tours in Turkey, at several sites, and Jan agreed to let me take over the site.)  We re-named the site Merhaba-USMilitary, and it is now hosted at Hostinger.  When you see references to, that was the address of of the old website.  The original content has been left intact just as it was on the old site.  If you have any problems accessing anything, or find glitches/bugs, please let me know at this address.

CONTRIBUTORS:  Is your email address current as it appears on this website?  If not, click here to send me corrections.  If you see notes about email addresses of other contributors that are no longer current, but you know the correct addresses, please let me know about them too.


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You may find your unit at VetFriends (the largest website for veterans on the Internet), and find others from the unit who have signed on there.  (Click here or on the image above.)  (A great site, especially for ordering military memorabilia.  Unfortunately, I haven't found any items related to any of the sites in Turkey.  NOTE:  You can search by name or unit number, e.g., SAMSUN or Det 3-2, TRABZON or Det 3-1, KARAMURSEL, or Det 3, SINOP, or Det 4, etc.)  I urge you to sign on at VetFriends and enter your information.

Turkish Duty Station Stories

Click to jump to contributors' stories by location, or scroll through them in the green sections below.

Balikesir (Balıkeşir)
Cakmakli (ÇAKMAKLI)
Cigli Air Base (Çiğli)
Corlu (Çorlu)
Diyarbakir (Diyarbakır)
Elmadag (Elmadağ)
Erhac (Erhaç)
Erzurum (Erzerüm)
Eskisehir (Eskişehir)
Golcuk (Gölcük)
Iskenderun (İskenderun)
Istanbul (İstanbul)
Izmir (İzmir)
Izmit (İzmit)
Karamursel (Karamürsel)
Karatas (Karataş)
Kargaburun (Targaburun)
Manzarali (Manzaralı)
Ortakoy (Ortaköy)
Pirinclik (Pirinçlik)
Sahintepe (Şahintepe)

NOTE on Pronunciation of Turkish Alphabet:
C or c = "j", as in "joke"
Ç or ç = "ch", as in "chart"
Ğ or ğ = a silent character, indicating a slight pause between the preceding and following letters; you can "almost" hear the "g" sound
I or ı = (I with no dot atop) between "uh" and "eh", as in the "e" in "open:
İ or i = "ee" as in "machine"
Ö or ö = "u", as in "turn"
Ş or ş = "sh", as in "shine"
Ü or ü = "yooh", as in "cube"
U or u = "ooh", as in "lube"

Click Contributors' Names Below to View Their Stories


Jimmy Lane
was stationed in many places in Turkey, so we've created a "Various" category for him.  He had one of the more fascinating jobs as an epidemiologist working in disease prevention should the number American troops need to increase in Turkey.  Read on...

Dale Endreson
was also stationed in many places in Turkey, so we've put him in this category too.  He has a message from "Ahmet the Barber".  Click to read what Dale has to say.  Dale is sending me lots of photos from Corlu, Istanbul, and Izmir.  I will post them here and to the appropriate sites when I receive them.

Mary Stillman's
story about her 3 ½ years at HQ TUSLOG in Ankara.  She was a civilian, Chief of the Education and Libraries Divison of TUSLOG; her duties took her all over the Near-East, and especially to most of the TUSLOG sites in Turkey.  (See also under ANKARA below.)


Ankara High School 1950 - Present
The only comprehensive online resource for students and faculty of the DOD high school, George C. Marshall Regional High School, affectionately referred to as Ankara High School. Reunion info too.

George C. Marshall High School
Reunion information of the former Ankara American High School (Embassy High School)

A Brief History of Ankara
An interesting new book about the city and environs!

Lt. Col. (Ret.) Charlie Brown was a Captain at TUSLOG in Ankara 1986-1988.  Her rank was Captain at that time.

Jimmy Carter, A/2C, 1957-59
interesting comments and pictures of Ankara.

Marie A. Chavez-Lopez sends this heart-warming story about her father, Salvador Chavez, and his and his family's time in Ankara.  A great remembrance of life in Turkey.  A great story!

TSGT Frank Cook (USAF Ret.)
Frank Remembers Ankara, 1995, covered in Hurriyet  newspaper!

Captain Joseph Gazdak
Joseph's son, Joey, shares a "story" about Ankara.

Andrew Hall's Multiple Tours in Turkey
Ankara and Incirlik plus other Turkey duty for Andrew Hall is detailed in his brief page. (See Incirlik, too)


Ron Harmon
TUSLOG Det 3 at Ankara, 1955, site surveys etc.


Lt. Steve Hoffman initially landed in Turkey at Izmir (Cigli), but was forwarded to Ankara for most of the remainder of his tour.  Certainly an exciting time for him; as well as the politics of Turkey as he worked through a period of local unrest. Fascinating story... and a P.S. as he looks back upon that time.

Donald LeBrun was stationed at TUSLOG Det 30 in Ankara from Dec 1959 to Feb 1961.  He died on active duty on board a med-evac flight from Ankara to Wiesbaden, Germany, for medical treatment.  If anyone was at Det 30 1959-1961 and knew Donald, we would like to hear from you.

David Mitchell
was stationed in Ankara in 1968 and 1969. His tale - soon to be expanded - will give you a hint as to where his story goes.

Jerry Moon's
Ankara and Karamursel Story.

Jerry was stationed at Det 27 in Ankara from Jul 1967 until Oct 1967.  He was stationed at Det 4.4 at Karamursel from Oct 1967 until Jan 1969.

Fred Moore
details two tours in Ankara 1982-1986 and 1991-1993 and as of 2003 he was in Incirlik! Finishing his military service in 1996, Fred retired to Tennessee, in 2003 he got a job as a federal civil servant to return to Turkey and DID, and in 2012 he was transferred (kicking and screaming) back to the U.S. to a new home in Georgia. He'll still be contributing more stories, but now they'll have a decidedly American flavor.

CMSgt Michael (John) Nagle
TUSLOG Det 3 at Ankara, 1956


Edward O'Brien married wife Jan while he was in the Air Force and when offered an early reenlistment - and a trip to Turkey - he accepted. Both had a wonderful time and Edward details some of the exploits of 1968 and 1970 in Ankara.

Chuck Richter
In Turkey 1957-1958, a Romanian language specialist from Cornerl University was sent to Turkey where he spent time in Ankara (a few minutes), Istanbul, Karamursel, and provides pictures of places he visited. Fascinating adventure!

Don Rostad
writes his story of 1965 Ankara and his service with JUSMMAT and some exciting occurrences while there. Click his name and read on!

LtCol Eldon Sanders (USAF Ret.) 1948
Ankara and our first military efforts in Turkey

Darwin Sator was the first to be stationed at TUSLOG Det. 30, Ankara. Enjoy his page featuring a brisk portrayal of his wonderful times in Turkey, and also his book, "The Turcophile File" by clicking the ad on his page.

Tommy Schmitt
Advisor to the Turkish military, Tommy Schmitt, today an FAA inspector, relates "A Lesson Learned" from his earlier years in Ankara

Mary Stillman's
story about her 3 ½ years at HQ TUSLOG in Ankara.  She was a civilian, Chief of the Education and Libraries Divison of TUSLOG; her duties took her all over the Near-East, and especially to most of the TUSLOG sites in Turkey.

Delbert Thomas
Hurriyet newspaper coverage of the return to Ankara in 2000

Chris White
L20s, people and the rodeo in 1957-59


Lee +za
certainly made the most of his time at Balikesir, not only giving his all to his military job, but getting out in the countryside, traveling far and wide. A fascinating, well illustrated story.

John Hurst
brings some details about life in Balikesir in 1979-1980. Enjoy the stories!

Mary Humphrey
Click name to send for reunion info.


Translation Definition of Çakmaklı (ends in an "i" without a dot over it):  Cakmakli means "Flintlock" in Turkish.  Cakmakli Tufek means "Flintlock Rifle".  Pronounced as "chak-mak-luh".  A cigarette lighter is just Cakmak in Turkish.  Does anyone know why the town was named Cakmakli?


David Blose
My Cakmakli photos from 1976.  Link does not work!  David, please contact me here.


Jim Brakebill sent me some information amplifying our listing of TUSLOG Det. 121, Cakmakli, on our TUSLOG Detachments page.  Some great pictures.

Mehmet Ertuzun was a 2nd Lieutenant in the Turkish Army stationed at Cakmakli in 1975 and 1976, with the Turkish Support Battalion.  His American military friends from TUSLOG Det. 67 were Gale Matthews and Darrell Rishell.  His story is fantastic, giving a look of Cakmakli from the Turkish viewpoint, and he has sent lots of photos from that time.  Many, many thanks, Mehmet!

George Hahnert was stationed with the US Army, TUSLOG Det 168, at Cakmakli from Sep 1966 to Oct 1967. He would like to contact anyone who was stationed there at the same time.

William "Bill" Howe sent me an email on 23 Jul 2014 to have his name included in the Cakmakli section of this website.  He didn't include a "Story" but promises to send one and some photos.

Andrew "Andy" Mansberger was stationed at Cakmakli from 1979 to 1980. Read his "unique" story.

Vincent Mikiel served with Det 67 and Det 168 at Cakmakli, from 1968 to 1970.  A very interesting story.

Rinaldi James Montessi served two tours at Cakmakli, then a tour with SETAF G-3 in Turkey.

Lyndon Rose
A series of stories about 1972-73 life just west of Istanbul with Detachment 67, the Army's artillery headquarters. Lots of great pictures!

Lindsey Werden
brings the art of coping to a new level in an outpost west of Istanbul called "The Chock"!

CIGLI Air Base is included in the IZMIR/CIGLI section of this website.  (CIGLI is pronounced "Chee-lee", with a slight pause between the two syllables.


Dale Endreson
1978 beginnings of a coming series of stories about several duty stations in Turkey at which he was stationed.

Don Lonze
Arrived in Corlu in 1967 and has begin his story of time there with a brief introduction. More to come later, we hope!

Layne Sitter
was one of the guys who powered up the Tropo site at Corlu in 1972 and '73. The site, above the north shore of the Sea of Marmara and - in those days - west of Istanbul (now part of the extended reach of a city which has grown to 13-million by now - was critical to controlling the outcome of the cold war.

John Tejeda
made a dual landing in Istanbul enroute to nearby Corlu. He immediately flew off to Supply school in Germany, took a side trip there, then returned to get down to business at Corlu. This is his introduction story, and we're looking for more of his experiences at "the 'lu."

Doug Wright
What Corlu was all about - 1957-1961


UTube presention by an anonymous contributor. Great video, but why post your memories and NOT identify yourself?  Would like to have the photos you shared, to post on a page for you at Merhaba-USMilitary.  Contact me here.

Bruce P. Barrett joins our contributors roster. He began his service in Diyarbakir in 1958 and has quite a few good memories of his time in Turkey. Read on...

John Bross' Duty Stations, including TUSLOG Det 9, Diyarbakir/Pirinclik.  John Bross' story about his tours in Greece, Libya, and Turkey.  He was stationed at Diyarbakir from May 1955 to Feb 1956.  He left Turkey from Istanbul in Mar 1956.  See his photos of Diyarbakir here.  Some of the best photos I've seen from Diyarbakir.

Dennis Crail joins our contributors roster. He served in Diyarbakir from Jun 1973 to Jun 1974.  He would like to contact anyone who served there during that time.  Click to go to his page and send him an email.

Edmund "Ted" Goldsborough served in Diyarbakir in 1964 and has sent an article he wrote about his time spent there - some great photos, too!

Seckin Mavigul asks for any memories or photos of his father, Mustafa Tevfik Mavigul, from anyone who might have been stationed with him at Diyarbakir, Pirinclik, or at the American Embassy in Ankara.

David E. Rathbun was stationed at TUSLOG Det 59, 7122nd Support Squadron at Diyarbakir 1961-1962.  He was the room-mate of Ray Thomas, who has a link just below.

Jack Selig reflects on his time spent reflecting signals up to the Troposphere from a mountainous region west of Diyarbakir, Turkey near Malatya.  It begs the question: "what's a guy from Wichita Falls, Texas doing..."

Steve Slezak
A bit of humor from a valued Armed Forces Radio and TV guy, 1970-71 at Diyarbakir and Trabzon.

Dave Sorenson
Karamursel, 1958 and Diyarbakir, 1965. Two tours in Turkey! (Also listed under Karamursel)

Tony Tarquinio served exactly one year at Diyarbakir in the mid-1960's.  He promises to send more amusing tales soon.

Ray Thomas
Turkish military saved his life in 1962!


Bud Trill
Diyarbakir, 1955 - great photos!

John S. Wilkinson's well researched information on the closure of Diyarbakir air base in 1997, and the story of this important military center is presented in answer to the many questions we've received regarding Diyarbakir's status.


John Nett
Unusual duty, in an unusual duty station near Ankara, now a major ski area.

Brian Gaquin
sent information about his father, CMSgt Joseph D. Gaquin, being assigned to TUSLOG Det 6-1, Site 23, from April 1966 to June 1968.


Steven Dutch's
Website about his time in Erzurum.
The links to Steven's website no longer work.  Does anyone know what has happened to Steven and his website?  If so, please contact


Vincent Mikiel
served at Det 98 in Erzurum for a short while between 1968 and 1970.

Rick Moore
A "military brat" used to traveling the world, lands duty in the high eastern plateau area of Turkey: Erzurum! (first part now online)

Jim Partica
shares positive lessons learned from his time stationed on "the Rock." He actually volunteered for duty at what once was a historic center of the Roman and Byzantine empires of eastern Anatolia.

William "Bill" Rodgers
was stationed at Incirlik, but was TDY to Erzurum twice.  He writes here about Erzurum.  See Incirlik section below for his story about that base.

Barney Shows
stationed at Tuslog Detachment 98, Erzurum, Turkey


John Feld
served at Eskisehir in 1967 and has filed some great slide-conversions with caption information from the old days during cold war Turkey.

John Shumway
Life for a teen, Eskisehir 1974-76

Gerald Steck
Eskisehir, 1968-69

Jerry Wingert
Eskisehir, 1961-62


Phil Toth
Aboard USS Kalamazoo which visited Golcuk in 1985.


Lt. Col Michael Bartley, USAF, JAG (Ret.)
The extensive memoirs of an officer who served four - count 'em 4 - tours in Turkey. He's writing it as a serial, so check back! More than 60 photos thumbnailed on the page!

Alfred Cammarata
joins our group of correspondents with his duty at Incirlik and Iskenderun, among other places.  A description of duty in Turkey's southeast corner is like being there!  Also, we thank Al for his support of!  (Updated 10 Sep 2014.)  (Also see his listing under the Iskenderun section of this page.)

Michael Carrington
addition to the Incirlik section.  On 22 Apr 2018, I received an email from a person who had purchased a bowl (seems to be brass or copper) at a SwapMeet in Vancouver. (I'm assuming Vancouver, WA, since she didn't say otherwise.)  On the inside of the bowl were the following statistics:

26 JUL 75 - 25 OCT 76

If anyone knows anything about Lt. Carrington, please let me know here. 

Joe Coughlin
Read Joe's memories of Karatas, Incirlik and Bob Hope. Photo of his buddies too.

Joe Darwak
was stationed at Det 10 in Incirlik.  He was assigned to Munitions Maintenance.  He asks if anyone knows where to find a Det 10 Patch.

Steven Dutch
touches down in Incirlik during his 1991 tour of duty in the Gulf War, his diary, photos.

Perry "Ike" Eisenhower
tells the story of TUSLOG Det 76, 1957 - 1966, a fascinating look behind the scenes.

Stan Fader's Incirlik 1963-1964
A trip back to the post Kennedy era and insights into his daily life. Great photos!

As the son of Lieutenant Colonel Vincent Griffiths, John Griffiths'
life at what was then called Adana Air Force Base was very interesting - considering he was eight years old at the time.

Andrew Hall's Multiple Tours in Turkey
Ankara and Incirlik plus other Turkey duty for Andrew Hall is detailed in his brief page. (See Ankara listing, too)

Gary Hamm
is another Two Tour Wonder - serving twice at Incirlik/Adana.

Peggy Hyatt-Buchanan
brings the views of a "dependent" to our site with her 70's memories of Incirlik.

Glenn Knight
talks about his memories of Incirlik.

Robert "Bob" Ludwick
was stationed with the AFSSO (Air Force Special Office), Det 50, at Incirlik, from Jun 60 to Nov 1961.

Thomas McCabe
was stationed at the Common Defense Installation at Incirlik from 1970 to 1972, and wrote for the newspaper there. Here's a collection of clippings of the actual articles he wrote, along with his background memories of them.

Fred Moore
(also listed under Ankara) details two tours in Ankara 1982-1986 and 1991-1993 and as of 2003 he was in Incirlik! Finishing his military service in 1996, Fred retired to Tennessee, in 2003 he got a job as a federal civil servant to return to Turkey and DID, and in 2012 he was transferred (kicking and screaming) back to the U.S. to a new home in Georgia. He'll still be contributing more stories, but now they'll have a decidedly American flavor.

Bob Nissly
left Pennsylvania for his military service and found himself in a quonset hut at Incirlik. He very quickly learned to use the Turkish word "seftali" and joined the well populated class in Embarrassment 101.  Great story! Click his name to read it.

Jim Novak
won a lengthy flight to Incirlik as part of his US Air Force training, and what a tour it was! Everything from a hanging to incredible opportunities were laid out before him which developed into quite a memoir, and a love affair with Turkey. Click his name to read it.

Russell Oliver
was stationed at Incirlik AB 1978-1979.  He was in TUSLOG Det 193-1, Security Police Squadron.  (No Story or photos yet.)

Ron Radliff
A stunning, picture-filled journey around Incirlik and Adana from a prolific and talented photographer (and former serviceman).

William "Bill" Rodgers
(also listed under Erzurum) was stationed at Det 16 at Incirlik from Jul 1965 to Dec 1966.  He provides some great photos.

Larry Sanders
This brilliantly executed, and far-reaching story of Larry's experiences at Incirlik and Iskenderun is most worthy of time spent carefully reading. His experiences at his two military posts in Turkey have been well thought out, and executed in wonderful detail. We add our thanks to those who encouraged him to bring his story to us!

Charlie Sibert
gives us a sweeping view of his entire career with the U.S. Air Force, the core of which are his experiences in Incirlik in 1958 and 1959, thence to Dreux Air Base in central France. The experiences are told directly and fully, giving the reader the feeling of having been there. Enjoy!

Lee Stowers
brings us along on his times at Incirlik Air Base with a short preamble to what we're hoping is lengthier memories which we've asked him to write up as they occur. But for now, he takes us on a quick tour of Incirlik a la 1959.

Mark Wilkerson
Provides Incirlik Images.


Larry Sanders
This brilliantly executed, and far-reaching story of Larry's experiences at Incirlik and Iskenderun is most worthy of time spent carefully reading. His experiences at his two military posts in Turkey have been well thought out, and executed in wonderful detail. We add our thanks to those who encouraged him to bring his story to us!

Ken Boultenhouse arrived in Iskenderun in October 1957 and remained there until May, 1959 and during this time he is sharing memories of the time he spent learning some Turkish, witnessing the explosion and sinking of the USS Mirador, a jet-fuel tanker, in Iskenderun harbor, and he has promised other additions as well.

Alfred Cammarata joins our group of correspondents with his duty at Incirlik and Iskenderun, among other places.  A description of duty in Turkey's southeast corner is like being there!  (Updated 10 Sep 2014.)  (Also see his listing under the Incirlik Section of this page.)

Some documents have turned up relating to the Military Traffic Management Command's seaport operations in Turkey.  Alfred Cammarata mailed me some extracts from various documents concerning the MTMC and I've posted them here.  Click to view expanded full view pictures.

The MTMC TTCE History-Pages 1 & 2-Aug 1983.
MTMC-Outport Iskenderun-Pages 1 & 2.
MTMC-Outport Iskenderun-Apr 1984.
MTMC TTU-The Southern Flank-Winter 1983.
MTMC-TTCE-The Southern Flank-Apr 1984.
MTMC's-Remotest Outport-Aug 1985.
Remote Post Kind Of Grows On You-Aug 1989.
General Order 10, HQ Department of the Army.
Major Highways of Turkey.

Ed Roberts, An Air Force Sergeant, assigned to an Army facility in Iskenderun, a small seaport (then) in extreme southeastern Turkey.

Michael Mannion
served at the Military Traffic Management Command at Iskenderun from Jun 1978 to May 1979.

Gary Stone sent these photos he took 1979-1980, in and around Iskenderun.


Al Akiona a Senior Master Sergeant, now retired, reports on his duties at the TUSLOG Det 1 shop in Istanbul back in 1957.  He says it was his most interesting and intriguing assignment of his 24 year career!

SPC Jim Baldwin
Gets something off his chest in a brief, but telling, story of his time in Istanbul (actually nearby Ortakoy).  He winds up by saying his entire tour of duty was an adventure!

Dale Endreson's
photos of Istanbul.  He says that although he was stationed at Corlu, he made many trips to Istanbul, usually over the weekend

Oscar Mark Mankopf, CW2 USAR Ret.
Transferred from TUSLOG Detachment 27 to Det 4-3 (a new one to us), running a boat between Istanbul and Sinop carrying troops for that destination. Back and forth, many trips, but also much time "gettin' rowdy" in Istanbul! Read on...

Col. John E. Perez USAF (Ret) Istanbul
Memories and images, 1967-69

Chuck Richter
In Turkey 1957-1958, a Romanian language specialist from Cornerl University was sent to Turkey where he spent time in Ankara (a few minutes), Istanbul, Karamursel, and provides pictures of places he visited.  Fascinating adventure!

William Toornburg
sent a short story about his time in Istanbul.

Richard D. Wilson CTO1, USNR-R
Istanbul in 1959 with many historic photos and a very rare copy of Det 12's Information Pamphlet - the only one we know exists.

(Cem was instrumental in helping the former manager of this website, Jan Claire, with many facts and other data pertaining to Turkey.)

At Cem (pronounced "Gem" or "Jim") Ozmeral's website above,, you will find probably more than you ever wanted to know about Istanbul or any other place in Turkey.  For instance, click on Istanbul Airport Status, and you will see every plane arriving at, or departing from, Ataturk International Airport (and other major airports in Turkey), in REAL TIME.  When you click on a specific plane, you will hear the conversation between the airport control tower and the aircraft.  You can access Istanbul WebCam TV, Touristic Cameras (showing live cameras from all over Istanbul), Istanbul Traffic Cameras, and so much more.  One of the best sources for photos of Istanbul and other sites in Turkey.  Great information on tourist destinations.  (Cem was born and raised in Istanbul but is now an American citizen.  He still maintains his Turkish website.)

14 Days in TURKIYE, A Travelogue - 05 Sep 2014:  Cem and his wife Sitare just returned from a 14-day trip to Turkey.  Click here to read his wonderful story about the trip and see all the beautiful photos he took. ===============================================

Read how Cem helped Jan Claire find an old friend in Istanbul on this site.

Read how Cem helped Jan Claire find an old friend in Istanbul on Cem's site.

You can see Cem's 360 Degrees Bird's Eye View (360 degrees panorama) here.  Fantastic!  You will find nowhere else such great 360 degree views of Istanbul's famous sites.  And, if you continue to dig deeper from that site, you will find information on Istanbul and Turkey in general that you'll find difficult to see anywhere else.  This is a "must-see" Turkish site.

Cem has translated a chapter of his book, Ozledigim Istanbul, and has posted it here.  The title of the chapter is "THE HAMAM IN BULGURLU, ISTANBUL".  (Hamam = Turkish Bath.)


You can go directly to Istanbullite's "American Military in Turkey" page here.  (Not very much actual information on American Military in Turkey.)

Istanbul's Centennial Trees.

Istanbul is famous not only for its historical works but also for its historical natural beauties.  We wish to share with you Cahit Akyol's "Centennial Trees of Istanbul" article, which was published in the Hürriyet daily newspaper.  In order to be considered as "monumental", a tree must be certified by the committees for the Protection of Cultural and Natural Treasure.  Age is not the only factor; the tree should also be of above-average size for its species or have a folkloric or historical value.  It is forbidden to prune these trees without the permission of the Protection Committee.  (Some of these trees are over 600 years old!)


Istanbul is like a "never-ending poem" where you can't find its beginning or end.  Every street you stroll, every corner you turn, is like a new verse to it.  (By Muratkorman at his VirtualTourist page.)

I find myself so lucky to be born in this beautiful and unique city in the world where 2 continents (Asia and Europe) meet.  The term "melting pot" simply describes Istanbul with a population reaching 15 million people.  It is a city which never sleeps.  There is something to enjoy for everyone who visits here. The more I am departed from Istanbul, the more I fall in love.  In the period when I used to live abroad, my visits to Istanbul were more observative.  I tried to experience as much as I could during my short stays and each time I visited Istanbul, I discovered something new about it.

On 27 March 2010, I returned Istanbul with my wife for good.  Recently, I am updating my Istanbul tips one by one, correcting some earlier mistakes and catching up with new improvements.  This will provide my fellow VT friends, more accurate information. Having obtained my Müzekart, I started revisiting the museums I have been and visiting museums I haven't been before.  You will see more tips and updates on my page.  I also have built my "Istanbul ili" page and moved general tips over there.  (Also by Muratkorman at his "My Beloved Istanbul" page at VirtualTourist.

(Also see Muraktorman's complete postings, "My Beautiful Country", at VirtualTourist here about other places in Turkey.)


(From Hans Christian Andersen, 25 Apr 1841.  Hans traveled to Constantinople and took a ferry boat across the Golden Horn.  This quote was found on Cem Osmeral's website, but he gives no sources.)

"I Offered the Oarsmen* a Silver Coin, the value of which I was not really as yet clear about.  He shook his head, took from his pocket quite a small coin, showed it to me and assured me that he could not take any higher payment.  So honest are the Turks!  And every day during my stay here I had more and more proof of this.  The Turks are the most good-hearted and honorable people."
Hans Christian Andersen, April 25, 1841.

*In Turkish, "Kayikci".  The person who used to carry passangers in a small boat between the two shores of the Golden Horn or between Galata and Scutari or Calcedon.

(Quote from Andersen's book "A Poet's Bazaar:  A Journey to Greece, Turkey, and Up the Danube.")  (You can search for, any buy, this book at


The former link here for Izmir High School became outdated and there was no contact information supplied.  We deleted the link; however there is an Izmir Sultans site for Facebook members: CLICK HERE

of Izmir Air Station/Base, 1952 - 1970.


George (AKA "Bill") W. Adams, Jr.'s
story about his assignment in Izmir and his exploits in Turkey.

Richard B. Anson
was stationed at TUSLOG Det 119 in the mid-1970's.  He's going to send photos from that time, and some amusing stories.

Joe Bruno
was stationed at TUSLOG Det 11, Cigli AB, from 1965 to 1968.  Read about his tour in Turkey and his career as a Warrant Officer in the U. S. Army later.

CMSgt (Retired) Ron Dupell's
personal page, containing great photos of Cigli and Izmir.  (External link; Six pages, 108 photos!).  (Evidently, the link to the Jupiter Missile data, info, photos, pages, etc., has been deleted or restricted.  Ron, if you still have a link to such data, email me here.)

Kathy Miller Guerard
Izmir in the late 50s and early 60s.

Roger Henry
served in Izmir and Samsun in 1969 and 1970 where he was a "tropo man" and his photos of the Tropospheric Scatter installations are awesome, as are the pictures of Ephesus, which he looked down on from his mountaintop near Izmir.

Dalene Horton
writes her memoir of being a military wife and working for the Tumpane Company in Izmir.  She includes lighthearted pictures of her boss - the man behind the company, David Tumpane - as well.

Les Legear was stationed at Detachment 5 in Izmir 1970 and 1971. He tells the story of a recent cruise to Turkey where he opted for a side trip back to the "hole in the mountain" called Disco Hit - and more. Click his name and read on!

Greg Natsch
A past - and future - denizen of Izmir details his short, but wide ranging, tour in Izmir in Emergency Medical Services. A wonderful story, but with a personal, poignant twist at the very end.

Gary Nourigat
served four years with MAAG at Izmir.  Gary is deceased, but his daughter provided the information for this page.  Gary was a highly decorated soldier and served his country well.

Bruce Rasco
was a Ground Equipment Specialist at Cigli AB in Izmir from 1964 to 1966.

Lt. Neil S. Reyer
was transferred to Izmir from Laon,Air Base in France. His mission was oversee construction of the Kordon Hotel, and to hire and train the staff. You'll enjoy the many photos of this endeavor, and the Kordon's 1967 Grand Opening. The hotel is still there, and has become an upscale tourist destination.

Paul Ruehs
served not one, nor two, but three tours in Izmir! You'll sense his thrill in being stationed in Turkey from the very first words. He writes about the people, the times, and the atmosphere in Izmir in the '70s on through the early '90s.

Larry Sell
was a flight engineer at Izmir from Jul 1962 to Feb 1964.

Larry and Sonja Sanderson
Early 1960s Izmir.

Ken Swedroe
gives insight into a 1968-1970 stint at Cigli/Izmir and then updates us on a recent trip back in 2004!


Harlow J. Morgan, Jr.
Memories & images of Det 97, 1971-72

Kevin O'Neill's story of duty near Izmit (now Kocaeli) at the east end of the Marmara Sea.



NOTE:  Until 1974, the USAFSS contingent at Karamursel was TUSLOG Det 3.  In 1974, the unit became TUSLOG Det 94-1, Operations, and TUSLOG Det 94-2, Support.
Karamursel Today:

Here's a 9-10-2010 photo of the Karamursel base.  We also have a 4/9/2008 (older) aerial version here, and the look of the site in 2005 seen here.  (The photos are not identical due to the fact they're taking from different flyovers and therefore the trajectories are not exact.)  Open them in separate web browsers and see all the new construction that has gone on.  Or, better yet, download and print the photos and do a comparison.  See any sights you remember "from the old days"?  Caution:  Large photos.  GoogleEarth Coordinates at American flag pole at the base Admin building: 40.696090, 29.534037.)

Karamursel Forum
All Services 1960-61, check it out. 
Also check here Karamursel Air Station

"Elephant Cage" Antenna (1) and

"Elephant Cage" Antenna (2)


Karamursel Alumni Info.
[Note:  I have removed the left column of the original home page which was entitled "Karamusel Alumni Info" and made a separate page for that data.  You can see the page here  The creators of the original website concentrated on the TUSLOG detachments which were centered on TUSLOG Det 3 at Karmursel and those that were subordinate to Karamursel.  There were many TUSLOG detachments which had nothing at all to do with Karamrsel and I think that, now, primary emphasis should not be on them, and should also include Army, Navy, Coast Guard, and other Detachments, and even Turkish military personnel with whom we served.  Just for your info, many of the links on the Karamursel Alumni website don't work.  Is there no one managing this site now?]


Beautiful Karamursel, by Mike and Beth Holland.
A website with tons and tons of photos of Karamursel and other places in Turkey.  At the top of the page be sure to click on "Beautiful", which will take you to a page of Mike and Beth's photos; also be sure to click on "Return in 99", which takes you to a page of Al and Liz Skyler's photos.  If you would like a picture of any specific place at Karamursel or nearby, I believe you'll find it here.

Rob Boyte's Photo Album.  Contains some photos and stories about his time at Karamursel.

Karamursel Air Station
All Services:  Concerns only those serving at KAS 1960 and 1961.


KTUS Radio Station
Website started in 2003 for station personnel. Great site originated by the late Don Brown and now operated by Larry Webb!

KTUS "Soundwave"
27 March 1958, first issue!, contributed by Ed Watts Special orders Issued at Karamursel or to send people to Turkey

Karamursel Air Station Brochure
Early 1960s - maps, pics, etc.

Karamursel Common Defense Installation Brochure
Early 1970s - maps, aerials, etc.

Catholic calendar
Christmas, 1963 - image sent by Steve Phipps

Deacon Ray Allor
Flying to Ankara to join Det 3, only to find out Det 3 had been moved to Karamursel would be a head-scratcher for many, but Deacon Ray knew how to roll with the punches...and a mail truck on a dusty road to Karamursel.

Don Becker
Gets orders to Karamursel Turkey 1957-59.  He was assigned to Det 28, the US Navy section of Karamursel.

CT3 Neil Berg
The "other" radio station at Karamursel, 1957-58 - page completely revised with original photos of construction and opening ceremony March, 1958.  Neil was assigned to Det 28, US Navy.

Dave Bergstrom
May 1959 - October 1960

Ron Bluemer
Early 1960s at Karamursel

Paul A. Brady
Remembers Karamursel, 1967-68


John Brasko, Jr.
Views of Karamursel, 1973-73 as well as an edition of "The Quill" base newsletter.  John was with Det 28 at Karamursel AS.

Mark Carlson
Karamursel & area. 1970-74. / professional quality photos

Jan Claire
Mainsite and WUSN photos, as well as info on Det 28, US Navy.

Jan Claire's Account
of how Cem Ozmeral helped him find an old friend in Istanbul.

Link to Major Combs' "Blogspot" about Karamursel.
A great account and lots of replies from others who were stationed there.

Lowell Cook
Karamursel, 1974

Dave Councill
Karamursel High, 1973-76 as covered in Hurriyet newspaper and his own website

Paul N. Dion's Karamursel Website
A great website.  Be sure to click the links at the bottom of the page, especially "Links".

Paul N. Dion's
Karamursel High School website, 1974 Senior Portraits.

David Devlin, Joined the Air Force, served his country well, and - as he says - "kept their secrets." An interesting and 4-year-spanning story of his military life - Keesler, March, Karamursel, including free-time work at KTUS. Lots of pics!

Tony DiCrescenzo
See the Det 28 motorpool plus Det 28 parades.

Cliff Ferguson
TUSLOG Det 28, 59-61

John Fitz
TUSLOG Det 28 in the late 50s

Lloyd Friedman
Karamursel 1962-1963

James C. Gardisky
James' daughter, Jamie, found this website and asks for any information anyone has on her father, especially photos.  If anyone can help, let me know and I'll put you in touch with her.  Email me here.

Joe Gignac
TUSLOG Det 3 in the late 50s

Jim Gindlesperger
and his wife, Jackie, were both in the Air Force when they were stationed together at Karamursel Detachment 38. It wasn't exactly a romantic holiday at first, though things evened out over time. Jim, managed to learn some Turkish, developed friends on and off the base and even got into a wild pig hunt (can you say barbecue?!)

Larry Holeman
Alice Holeman offers the "spouse's point of view" of living in Turkey in the '60s and again in the '70s.

Robin Hood
On being a kid at Karamursel, 1967-71.

James J. Houchin
was stationed at Karamursel and worked in LGM, the maintenance shop in the Elephant Care.  He would like to contact others who were there 1972-1977.


Pete Johnson
Ships out to Karamursel, 1960.


Keith Kitchens
Russian Language School and Karamursel

John LeMoine
Getting to Karamursel and being there in 1963.  John was assigned to Det 28, US Navy.

Jim Lieupo
Two Tours at Karamursel - US Army Det 4-4.


Duane Lueders
US Navy, TUSLOG Det 28, 1960-'61. Glad to have you on board, Duane!

Mary Maguire Davis
writes about the establishment of a "Women in the Air Force" (WAF) squadron at Karamursel in 1969. Perhaps you are one of the people in the group photo? If so, let Mary know!

Chuck Maki
Turkey in August 1957 (Originator of this website.)

Gerald McChesney
Great story and photos of Gerald's tour at Karamursel.

James McClelland
Story about almost being AWOL at Karamursel.    James was a Marine at Det 28.

Lt. Col. G. T. "Tom" McTernan
Synopsis of 2 years as Commander of TUSLOG 96, the Karamursel OSI Detachment.

Tom Minehan
was one of the first to be sent to Karamursel, and worked in the rather spare, early buildings there. "Cozy" as he put the living quarters!

Randolph "Randy" S. Mitchell was SSgt in the USMC, assigned to TUSLOG Det 28 at Karamursel, with the Navy detachment, from late 1963 to May 1965.  He has a short story here and some photos.  He has hundreds of great photos on his website and some of them will be added later to his page.  Plus, there will be a link to his website on his page.

Allen Moon
joins Karamursel "Common Defense Installation" in 1976 - just about the time the base was set to be closed down.  He probably was the guy you bought your postage stamps from!

Jerry Moon's
Ankara and Karamursel Story.

Jerry was stationed at Det 27 in Ankara from Jul 1967 until Oct 1967.  He was stationed at Det 4.4 at Karamursel from Oct 1967 until Jan 1969.

George Morton
Sometimes it takes a while to get what you really want.  George was assigned to Det 28, US Navy.

Roger Mullings
The Pictures of Karamursel Det 28 1965-1967 from Roger CTR1 USN (Ret) on his own website.

Harris Parkell's
YouTube video about Karamursel, 1962 - 1964 (Part 1).  Nice Slide-Show, accompanied by very nice Turkish Music.

Harris Parkell's
YouTube video about Karamursel, 1962 - 1964 (Part 2).  Nice Slide-Show, no music, but accompanied by commentary of Harris Parkell.

Unknown Poster's
YouTube video about Karamursel, 1964 - 1966.  Nice Slide-Show, no music, no commentary.  (Some links on YouTube to other Karamursel postings.)

Karamursel High
Paul Normal's KHS 1973-74 website!

Dawn Pate
With the dispensary, 1957-59

Ken Patterson
Transmitter technician, stationed in Karamursel June 1961 - December, 1962.

Bob Peterson
Karamursel area, 1970-71

Chuck Richter
In Turkey 1957-1958, a Romanian language specialist from Cornerl University was sent to Turkey where he spent time in Ankara (a few minutes), Istanbul, Karamursel, and provides pictures of places he visited. Fascinating adventure!

Danny Ricketts
thoughts and pics of his Mainsite years 1961-63

Thomas Rowe
Pictures and information about the Armed Forces Radio & TV Service station, KCFR, at Karamursel circa 1969-1971 - great photos, too!

Rudy Ruediger
Pictures of Karamursel and area, 1959-61

Ed Sachs
Karamursel, 1960-1962, Det 28, and living in Yalova, Ed is on board with some of his memories - more to come!

Dave Sorenson
Karamursel, 1958 and Diyarbakir, 1965. Two tours in Turkey! (Also listed under Diyarbakir)

Carlton Thigpen, Jr.
My Time At Mainsite with Det 28 - a fine memoir.

Thomas Tipton
was nine years old when he and his family went to Karamursel where his father managed the "chow hall" on the base. Thomas gives us the view of a youngster confronted by the busy Karamursel Air Station. A refreshing change from the strictly military stories.

David Todd
contacted me today, 26 Jul 2014.    He sent his "Story" a day later, 27 Jul 2014.  Click his name to read the "Story".

John Tudbury
Two lives: Military brat in Ankara, early '60s and serving in the Air Force 1974-'76! Read both stories.

Jim Walsh
Jim flew into Yesilkoy/Ataturk airport in Istanbul. "Now what?" he asked himself. He knew his orders were to show up at Karamursel, "but where is it, how do I get there?" he asked himself just before spying a person who could help. This is, we hope, merely part one of his ultimate account of his time in Turkey.

Bill Waters
Karamursel base and area, 1966-67

Ed Watts
Karamursel and area, 1958!

John W. Williams
was stationed at Karamursel 1969-1972.  Story and photos to be added shortly.

Dennis Winstead
sent an email 21 Jul 2014 to have his name included in this section.  He didn't send a "Story" and I have asked him to write one. I will post it if he sends it.

Ron Wood
The legal scene, 1961-63.  Ron was assigned to Det 28, US Navy

William "Bill" Wood
Being reassigned from AFSC 29252 to AFSC 70270, Wing Sergeant Major.


Jack Eckert
Stories about U.S. Coastguard life on the north coast of the Marmara Sea west of Istanbul at this Loran station.  There's controversy over the T or the K spelling.  In Turkish, Kargaburun means "pliers".  Jack says it's "T".  Coast Guard spells it with a "K".  Go figure.  (Note from Ed.:  There is no such place as "Targaburun"!  Jack is wrong.)


Scott Adams was assigned to TUSLOG Det 187, Karatas Tropo, from 03 Aug 1977 to 01 Aug 1978.

Dave R. Mason was assigned to TUSLOG Det 187, Karatas Tropo, from Aug 1975 to Aug 1976.  He was also assigned to TUSLOG Det 113, Erhac, from April 1978 to Mar 1979.  (See below.)


William René Arnold was a 73270, Personnel Supervisor, at the 7394th Munitions Support Squadron at Erhac.  He was the last enlisted person to be assigned there.

Larry Farmer was a 304X0, Wideband Radio Maintenance Site.  He's sent lots and lots of photos of Malatya and their descriptions.  Very nicely done!  His latest photos were sent 21 Oct 2014. If you were there during Larry's tour, you may see yourself in some of his photos.

Fred Gosnell, CMSgt, Ret. originally posted to in Oct 2013 with a tidbit of info about the 7394th Munitions Support Sq., TUSLOG Det 93.  He forwarded a picture of the TUSLOG Det 93 unit patch.  He has now posted a lot of additional goodies about the personnel at Erhac, as well as another picture.

Dave R. Mason was assigned to TUSLOG Det 113, Erhac, from Apr 1978 to Mar 1979.  He was also assigned to TUSLOG Det 187, Karatas, from Aug 1975 to Aug 1976 (See above.)

Jack Selig is new on board with reflections on his time at a Tropospheric Scatter site in a mountainous region west of Diyarbakir, Turkey. His story is pithy and fun, meaning we can't wait for further updates!


Manzarali Station on Facebook
Det 66, Site 23 - 1966 - 1968

Jack Bailey
Manzarali Station Sept. 1961 - June 1963

Raymond Bigelow
Manzarali Station Sept. 1961 - June 1963

8mm Films shot by Phil Feick, who served at Manzarali 1964-1967.  Village was "Hajimuratli" down from the antenna field - walking distance.

Roy Des Ruisseaux
TUSLOG Det 27 Manzarali Station, 1961-62

Doug Haynes
The 1960s

Phil Kelly

Manzarali Station, early 1960s

Rob Nearpass
Mauler newspaper and flag football memories, 1965

Roger Williams
(1965-1966).  (Roger promises a "story" soon.)


The Murted Animal Poster.

Ted Dubrawsky
Writes his memories of TUSLOG Det 16-3 at Murted.


Jim Baldwin
Another 10th USAFAD service man joins our ranks of American Military serving in Turkey, in this section of Istanbul noted for the Bogazici Bridge and the waterfront Mosque, the Grand Imperial Mosque of Sultan Abdülmecid. 528th USAAG.

Paul Leiner
Paul informs us about his duty station with 10th USAFAD 528th USAAG.

Lawrence Rivers
was stationed at Pirinclik AB from 1983 to 1984.  We've asked him for stories from his tour there.

Pirinclik Air Facility
John S. Wilkinson's well researched information on the closure of Diyarbakir Air Base in 1997, and the story of this important military center is presented in answer to the many questions we've received regarding Diyarbakir's status, including whatever happened to the original Diyarbakir Air Station which became Pirinclik.


Dennis Luessenheide brings us a fascinating story. "I was part of the original group to activate Sahin Tepsi/Sahintepe Air Station & open “Turkey Tropo of Med-Com Tropo” in 1963..." opens his account of his time at Sahintepe an@comcast.neting reading about one of the foremost communication methods of its time.

Pat Shediack
TUSLOG Detachment 150.
Pat has many, many links to Sahintepe on his website.  Be sure to check them out.

Sroll down the page, and on the left, find TUSLOG Detachment 150.

There are many, many links to personnel who were stationed at Sahintepe, who are NOT represented on this Merhaba-USMilitary website.

It would really be nice if Pat could port all the personnel links here to this website.  Pat?????


If anyone knows of an Al Robbins who was stationed at Samsun about 1966 please contact me.  A lady sent me an email saying that she and her family were stationed in Ankara in 1966, and when Al came to town, he would have his meals with them.  She also stated that he was on Armed Forces Radio in Samsun.  I've found proof that Al was in Turkey with Armed Forces Radio, so we should be pretty certain that the lady is correct.  Found some possible phone numbers and addresses for Al, but need verification.  So, if you know anything about Al, please send an email to me Thank you.

Samsun TUSLOG Det 3-2 on Facebook
Hosted by Paul Dions, James W. Haan, and Doug Morris.  Lots and lots of great photos.

Aerial Shot #1 of Samsun today... (Google Maps-Mar 2014) and another view. Here's what the base at Samsun looks like as of July, 2008.

Tony Cote
savors his time in northern Turkey and offers succinct impressions of his time there in the U.S. Air Force.

George Durman
calls Turkey "The greatest country I've ever been in!" as he spent two years at Detachment 3-2 up in Samsun, Turkey from 1958 to 1960. He then served another tour and was stationed at Karamursel and on to Izmir! Who WOULDN'T enjoy that! In his latest addition, George discusses his friend Dick Brookings who took a Turkish wife, then Dick had to deal with Turkish law in order to keep his newborn son out of the Turkish military - by virtue of having a Turkish mother.

Ken Fielder
was stationed at Samsun from 1965 to 1966.  He was a 294X0, Electronic Intercept Operations Analysis Specialist.

Terry Frock
TUSLOG Det 3-2 great collection of his photos including Dog Trick photo from 1962.

Medrick G. "Rick" Johnson
was a 20351 at TUSLOG Det 3-2, Samsun, Turkey, from 1962 to 1963.  He was first assigned to Peshawar, Pakistan, but after 6 months he was transferred to Samsun.  He finished his enlistment at NSA, Ft. Meade, MD.  He's anxious to contact old friends from USAFSS/NSA.

Stan Hood
arrives with great memories of the "real Samsun" during his tour there 1960-1961. Great photos of the old base, as well.

Dean Johnson
checked in 27 Mar 2014.  He sent a short sketch of his time at Sam and promises to send an expanded story soon.

Wallen "Wally" Klann
checked in Apr 2014.  He sent a short note about his time at Sam.  Hope he sends a more detailed story.

CMSgt Roy Locke
sent a short note about the "Samsun Flag Incident".

Dave Matteson
Pictures of Samsun, Trabzon, and Karamursel - early 60s

Doug Morris
A short story about Doug's arrival in Samsun.  [Ed:  I have asked him to expand his story and send photos if he has any.]

CMSgt Michael (John) Nagle
Ankara, Trabzon, and Karamursel, 1956


Mike Pollastro
B-Man Comes to Samsun, 1966-67

Billy R. Porter
sent his "Story" about his USAF Career and his time at Samsun.

Frederick Savarese
sent me the first installment of his "Story" about his tour of duty at Samsun on 13 Feb 2014.  He updated it 16 and 17 Jul 2014.

Dave Simmons
tells about his tour in Samsun and talks about his descent into the tunnel outside the site and about the skull.  Some photos included.

Thom Thompson
details his journey and time spent with American Forces Radio & Television Service, Samsun.

Concerning the 1970 "Turkish Flag Incident" at Det 3-2
The data here is a compilation from various sources, but is mainly from the information provided by Roy Locke, SMSGT, Ret., USAF.


Very Interesting Story About Sinop
From the New York Times, 04 Jan 1981, concerning the joint Turkish-American remote "monitoring station".

Fantastic Page About Sinop
(Sinop Page at SkyscraperCity Website.)

The US Army Security Security Agency's TUSLOG Det 4 was located here during the "Cold War", "Diogenes Station".

Sinop was the home of the legendary Amazon Warrior-Women. (Check out at Wikipedia, "Amazons".)

Facebook Page - Field Station Sinop
(Great page.)

Be sure to click "Photos" and "Files" at the top.

Bernard A. Bieber
Fun Graphics from Sinop.

Matt Cotton's
Short Story.

(More stories plus photos later, I hope.)

Scott Desrochers
1989 Sinop photos offsite web page with a complete welcome packet to the base in Sinop plus other photos.

(The link for the "Welcome Packet" no longer works, but you can see copies of some of the pages by clicking on "Photos" in the bar at the top.)

Frank Fitzhenry
Aerial Views of Sinop, early 1960s

Elder Green
Elder R. C. Green's ASA in Turkey Newsletter

Bob Heitzinger
Sinop and Karamursel were among his duty stations. Photos and interesting tidbits.

Phillip Hotton
A series of letters from Phil about times in Sinop.

Joe Howard
Wonderful stories, links to his photos, too!

Steve Jellison
No story or photos yet.  I've asked him to contribute some.

Greg Kline
was stationed at Sinop 1968-1969.  I've asked him to expand his "Story", AND to send any photos he took there.

Rick Hudson
1965-66 covered in Hurriyet newspaper!


Ken Kushi
This is Ken's "Sinop By The Sea" page!

Harry Lance
1959-60 story and pictures.

Jay Musikar
1962-63 Sinop photos page

Lee Neeley

Larry Ridgway
Web page recounting 1973-74 and 1982-83 at Det 4. Great photos!

John Rinehold
Sinop Photo Page and some excerpts from his journal while at Sinop.

Bill Simons
1959-60 information.  His SINOP PAGE is no longer working.  Bill, please contact us.

Danny Shepherd USN
Sinop/1965 - army certificate for navy comrades!

Robert B. Shirley's
Great site about Sinop.  Well worth visiting.

Otis Slusher
Sinop, 1965-66.

Bill Sturdivant
Sinop, 1967-68.  Another really great site about Sinop.

Andrew Traylor
Stationed at Sinop, from 1975-76, Andrew relates a strange encounter with thousands of birds while stationed near the Black Seacoast.

Captain Kent Whitman
Stationed at Sinop, from 1977-78, Kent speaks of a U-21 "Ute" crash in the mountains near Sinop while he was the Facility Engineer there.

Ken Workman
Pictures of Sinop, 1965-67


Trabzon (left)as it looks today.
Google Earth coordinates are:

Degrees, Minutes, & Seconds
N40°59'38", E39°43'49"

N 40 59.633, E 39 43.817

(Click photos to enlarge.)

(Two above photos from about 1964.)

Tom Bock
Recalls Trabzon, 1966-67

Richard "Dickie" Beach was stationed at Trabzon 1961-1962 as a 29251, Morse Intercept Operator.  He sent his story and some nice photos of Trabzon.

Wayne Bohannon, has supplied a pictorially interesting take of "the old days" in Trabzon and a story to match. July 4, 2010 we've added Wayne's account of going back to Turkey, meeting old friends, an event which garnered press coverage, as well! We have the actual articles.

Mike Chapman
Trabzon, 1963

James L. Clark was stationed at Trabzon 1957-1958.  [Ed:  I heard from James 18 Jun 2014.  He didn't give any info except where he served and when.  I've asked him to send a "Story" and any photos he may still have from Trabzon.  Hopefully, he will respond soon.]

Lew Culkin gives a multi-faceted report on his 1958-1959 tour at Trabzon, Turkey, which nicely illustrates life in general in the other TUSLOG Detachments in Turkey, especially those along the Black Sea in Northern Turkey - life in small military units coupled with the complications of being in a foreign country and complications of establishment of the bases, coupled with the complications of having to travel back to the U.S. for emergency leave, and the build-up of the Trabzon base overlooking the Black Sea.

Don Eddy has asked for help from personnel stationed at Trabzon from Oct 1958 to Sep 1959, for information about an incident on the "American Beach" concerning injury to USAF GIs from some kind of explosive device.  This is in support of a disability claim by Don.

John Duhaime
1958-59 Trabzon and the things a maintenance guy goes through.

Patrick Fero
Talking Turkey with Fero.

Jack Gallimore
Trabzon Homepage.  (Jack's website is no longer active.) Jack, can you contact us for a valid address for your website?  Does the website still exist?  If not, let us know so we can remove the link.

Joe Hornsby provided us with a story about his USAFSS assignments and, in particular, his time at Trabzon

Ted Guasconi's
Data at Smokey Stover's old website.  An unbelievable collection of photos from Trabzon, including the photos of the British Canberra jet that was forced to land at the short Trabzon airstrip, but overshot the runway.

Ron Harmon
A Trabby from 17 March 1958 - 2 March 1959

Larry Jaffe
Trabzon 1966-67 - 104 new photos added 2/3/2008!

David "J.D." Joyce was stationed at Trabzon 1957-1959.  Here is his story.

Tom Karjala
Images of Trabzon,1959

Ed Kohler
Trabzon, 1959

Richard MOORE
Trabzon, 1959-1960 (updated 07 Nov 2013).  (Includes his tour at Iraklion AS, Crete.)

CMSgt Michael (John) Nagle
At Ankara, Samsun, and Karamursel, 1956

Tom Nienaber was stationed TUSLOG Det 3-1 in Trabzon.  He was the room-mate of Phil Carroll at Sky Top (Syracuse University) AND at Trabzon.  He passed away 24 Nov 2012 in Richmond, VA.  We are posting this link to a page for Tom containing his obituary.  We're also adding him to the Memoriam page.  Please take a look.

Jim Palmer
is aboard with photos of leisure time in Trabzon/Boztepe where he was stationed July 1956-July 1957.

Jim Pearce
contacted us on 13 Mar 2024 and has provided his short story about Trabzon.  Hopefully, he still has some photos from Trabzon that he will share with us.

George Poulin was stationed TUSLOG Det 3-1 in Trabzon.  He passed away Monday, 09 Mar 2015.  We are posting this link to a page for George containing his obituary.  We're also adding him to the Memoriam page.  Please take a look.

Richard Schneider
Joined us 25 Feb 2014, but hasn't posted any stories or photos yet.  Please contact him if you were there in 1966-1977 and knew him.

William "Smokey" Stover
1962-63 Trabzon

Eugene "Gene" Wolter
1961-63 Trabzon