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Images of Karamursel Area, Late 1950's

Joe Gignac

2003-2011 by Author


Hilton Hotel image

At the Hilton

Unknown old building

Muslim Men Performing Ablutions Before Prayers

Our 1950 DeSoto

Our kitchen where my brave wife cooked many a great meal!

Another view of that car

DeSoto documents, with stamps

DeSoto documents, last  page with tax stamps

Me eating ekmek (bread)

Picnic beside the sea

Picnicking with DeSoto in the background


I smoke a big cigar in the kitchen:)

Me coming up the outside staircase at our apartment in Yalova

I receive a Good Conduct Medal  from Col. Charles Townsend, TUSLOG Det 3 commander

A group of Turks and Americans

A line of people in the more industrial area of the station

On the balcony

Turkish man and child

OK, OK, air force paperwork but I was in personnel so here they are.  The great part is that many of them have lots of names, names you just might have forgotten - service numbers have been obliterated.


Special orders 165, dated 19 November, 1957, ordering me to 6933rd RADGRUMO, APO 324

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Special Orders, 165

TUSLOG Det 3, 14 May 1958
authorizing separate rations and quarters offbase.


Special orders 86

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TUSLOG Det 3 , 20 May 1958 (Instead of leaving in Jul 59, I remain until Jan 60)


Personnel Actions Memorandums  41

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HQ, 6933rd RADIO GROUP, MOBILE, 12 Aug. 1958.
I'm ordered to Wiesbaden, Germany for a hospital stay.
Turkish customs departure (Ankara) and arrival  (Istanbul) handstamps


Special orders A-34

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TUSLOG Det 3, 28 April, 1959
I'm back on ordinary leave.


Special orders A-194

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TUSLOG Det 3, 15 Oct. 1959
on Ordinary leave again


Special Orders A-516

TUSLOG Det 3, 3 Dec. 1959
I'm awarded permanent grade of SSgt.


Special Orders A-602

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TUSLOG Det 3, 23 Dec. 1959
I'm reassigned. Going to 6970th at Fort George Meade


Special Orders A-644

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Portions of a letter of commendation, dated 5 Nov. 1959.
Edited paragraphs 4 and 5 address the absorption of Det 1
and changes in the outlying squadrons.

Letter of Commendation

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