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Dean A. Johnson

Samsun, Turkey

TUSLOG Detachment 3-2

AFSC 292xx

Jan 1957 - Dec 1957

2014 by Author

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Hello to all.  My Name is Dean A. Johnson and I live in Austin, Minnesota.  I have lived in many locations prior to retiring USAF active duty from 1954-1975, but one memorable place that I called home was Samsun, Turkey.  I arrived in Samsun, January 1957, via an olive drab 6x6 supply truck that originated in Ankara, and I departed Sam in December 1957 aboard the "luxury liner" nick-named the "White Boat", arriving Istanbul 24-hours later.  During those 12 months I have many memories that I would be willing to share with everyone.  (You have my permission to share the contents of this letter.  Best Regards, Dean.

[From Sarge, the webmaster.  Dean has promised to send an expanded "story" about his time in Samsun.  Will add it here upon receipt.]