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CMSgt Joseph D. Gaquin


Site 23

TUSLOG Det 6-1

April 1966 - June 1968

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On 17 August 2014, Brian Gaquin sent a short note about his father being stationed at Elmadağ in the 1960's.  I've asked him for a "Story" and will post it upon receipt.  Below is what he has sent so far:

"I recently ran across your Site 23 website.  My father, CMSgt Joseph D. Gaquin, was stationed there from April 66 - June 68.  We lived in town for the first year than on the Site for our last year.

"My father passed on June 13, 2014.  He was buried with military honors in Palm Bay, Florida."

Brian Gaquin

[Note from Ed:  The TUSLOG Det 6-1 (Site 23) people were originally housed with the TUSLOG Det 6 personnel in the Kavaklıdere neighborhood of the Çankaya District of Ankara.  In late 1966, The Det 6-1 personnel were moved to newly constructed billets in Elmadağ.]

A great photo of Elmadağ Mountain, above the clouds.