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KARAMURSEL, February, 1967 to May, 1968

Paul A. Brady

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I was a 202 on Dog Flight. The head 202 was a guy named John Kimbrell, who married a British woman. My first boss was Frank Hammond, and then we had the one and only Bobby J. Cook.

I was tutored by Gordon J. Nishikie, a 203 who migrated to the 202 ranks. I spent the summer of 1967 in Buyukada one of the Princes Isles. We put together a Beermoose report one Sunday where we tried to name all 360 beers that were brewed in America.

We spent precious taxpayer money tying in all of the USAFSS and ASA sites, from Darmstadt in Germany to Brindisi, Italy and of course to Sinop and Trabzon. I think we got up to about 250 beer brands on the list. Guys from all over were sending in the names of their hometown beers.

I remember that I had failed to get my TB test checked prior to leaving the country so I put the doctor's name on the health card only to find out that he was on the same flight home as I was and his name was also Brady. I remember getting picked to do the EMHO report but I did not have a clue as to what it was. The flight clerk's name was Hurr (so we called him Ben Hur). He informed me what EMHO stood for. Boy, did I feel like a fool.

Other guys I remember are: Jim Eason (Tiny), Paul Castleman, Al Zegan (a NYC boy), Dick Walsh (a 203) Elton Cook, and Jack Omsler, all of whom were on the flight. Larry Poppel from Myrle Beach South Carolina saw his first snow at KARAMURSEL.

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