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Izmir, US Air Force 1963 and Since

Larry and Sonja Sanderson

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Aerial view of Izmir.  "Alexanders Castle " in the foreground, city of Karsiyaka across the bay.  1962.


Kultur Park.  International trade fair held here in August.  Trade fair still held today.  AFEX, Commisary and other US facilities just outside park, left center.  These facilities no longer exist.


NATO beach at Seferhisar.  About 30 miles from Izmir.  NATO personnal and guests only. 1963


Larry and kids at Ephesus, 1963. On my left is Eric, on my right is Dirk


APO 224 postmark on Christmas card to my parents, 1963.


Christmas card used by Landforces and SIXATAF, 1963.


SIXATAF Hq, Sirinyer compound, 1962.


SIXATAF Hq, review ceremony, 1962.


Do you remember, or have you seen one of these license plates?  This one belongs to a friend of mine, Jon Taylor, who was with SIXATAF the same time I was.  Mine went with the '59 Chevy Impala I sold before leaving.


Landsoutheast Hq. on the Izmir waterfront about 1963.


Teoman Irim, driver for Det 5, Sirinyer, Izmir 1963.


Christmas Card to my folks, Dec 1963. Note: our unit designation is different than the one above. We were designated as both units - a little unusual


In Izmir, Turkey, 2001. You don't see these around much anymore.

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Library of Celsus, Ephesus, 1964. Note, in upper center there is no front on the Library.

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Library of Celsus, Ephesus, 2001 (in 1964 the front had not been rebuilt.) The archaeologists have been working there many, many years and have many more to go. Celsius Library taken in 2004

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At Izmir waterfront - 1962

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Larry Sanderson NATO Track and Field events at Sirinyer, 1964.

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Larry and friends, NATO track and field 1964

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Larry Sanderson in middle, Ramadan Tuzcuoglu, "Ramo", at left. We were in plays together in the Izmir area. Ramo is a well known Turkish artist and I have some of his paintings and sketches. Photo in 1964.

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Third place javelin throw trophy I won in NATO Track and Field Competition in Izmir, 1964. That is me holding it today, my birthday, 6 January 2005, 76 years old."

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Turkish Bombsite. Self explanatory when you see the photo.

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Larry Sanderson: The Thinker, 1992.

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Mariamna Evi - Mary's House near Ephesus; taken 2001.

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Inside Mary's house; 2001

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Boyaci - Shoeshine Man; Izmir, 2001

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Not many of these around anymore. Izmir, 2001

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McDonalds placemat, Waterfront St., Izmir, 2004