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TUSLOG Detachment 4-4


(Two Tours: Feb 1971-Feb 1972and Oct 1973-Jul 1974)

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TUSLOG Detachment 4-4 (US Army) was located on Karamursel Common Defense Installation (or KCDI) in Turkey.  The closest Turkish town of any size was Yalova and a large number of U.S. military personnel lived in Yalova and commuted to the base on U.S.A.F buses.  The detachment was a U.S. Army Security Agency (USASA) unit with around 250 Army personnel.  Most of the unit member had USASA MOSí like 05H's, 05K's, 98Cís and 98Gís, but the normal support service personnel ware there too (Personnel, Finance, Supply, etc.)  On my first tour (Feb 1971 - Feb 1972) the tour length was 18 months for single members and 24 months for married accompanied members.  On my second tour (Oct 1973 - Jul 1974) the tour length was 24 months for single members and 36 months for married accompanied members.

During my second tour the unit size was significantly reduced and in the summer of 1974 the USASA detachment was closed down, as well as the USN Security Agency detachment.  The USAF remained to support the military intelligence mission.  This was just before the U.S. Army Security Agency was phased out and the new command was named the U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM).  The headquarters for the USASA and INSCOM remained at Arlington Hall Station, Virginia.