Going TUSLOG: The Ankara Experience
January 1968 to July 1969

David Mitchell, Former USAF Enlisted Person

© 2009 by Author

A Short Story for Now. More Later.

I was assigned to TUSLOG Det 30 from January 1968 to July 1969 as an Air Police enlisted person. We lived in an eleven story (I think) apartment building in Ankara. We provided entry control and vehicle patrol for the Balgat Air Station in Ankara. We guarded the USAF personnel offices there and we provided armed security for the Det 115 unit in Ankara. Det 115 was some type of communications unit. I don't know whether the personnel were Army, Air Force or what as they worked in civilian clothes. They did allow me to make a phone call home at one point in time which was quite a big deal then.

We also provided armed security for the military side of Esenboga Airport. At the time there were 4 or 5 C-54's and one C-118 (I think) assigned there along with a military salvage yard that we guarded. It was interesting to note that at no time did we carry our .38 cal. revolvers in the open between the barracks and our job assignment. We carried them in briefcases and put them on when we arrived at the job assignment. It was an interesting assignment for an 18 year old fresh from Basic training and Tech school, quite an eye opener.

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