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TUSLOG Det 100, Eskisehir, Turkey
1961 - 1962

Jerry Wingert, USAF

2013-2014 by Author

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Was on the initial "move-in" in 1961.  (I think that was the year.)  A loaded C-130 from Germany with folks seated along the sides of the plane, and, as I recall, the center loaded with baggage.  I was an A/2C (as it was then called) AP (Air Policeman, now called Security Policeman) along with cooks, admin personnel, medics, and other APs.  There was one building erected at the time (a second was started shortly after we arrived).  Around half had to stay at a hotel in town - the same hotel where there was Bob Hope USO show.  Got a few stories and some are even true.

[More later, I'm sure, from Jerry.]

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