Karatas/İncirlik 1963-1965

Joe Coughlin

2003-2011 by Author

My tour was memeorable because of the assasination of JFK in Nov. 1963. I was at the Karatas Tropo site, and the radio maintenance man on duty heard it via Voice Of America.

Later, I was transferred to the Det 16 Comm Sqdn at İncirlik, and was in charge of all the emergency generators assigned to that squadron.

I also had the great opportunity to be a driver for the Bob Hope Show. While at İncirlik, he cut the ribbon for the opening of the AFRTS TV station.

My tour dates were 1963-1965. The above photo was taken in September, 1964 during a visit by Gen. Berquist the then Air Defense Commander. From left to right are: Erv Linski, Stan Donner, Gen Berquist, Al Beauchesne, Manuel Reyes, and me, Joe Coughlin.