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Karamursel 1974

Lowell Cook

2003-2011 by Author

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The substandard trailer housing on base, where I lived for awhile.

Looking along the beach towards the elephant cage.

I took the picture above left just as my wife and I were returning home after the birth of our first son.

Because KARAMURSEL only had a clinic, a C-130 came around every Tues and Thurs to fly patients from KARAMURSEL and other sites to the hospital at İncirlik. Pregnant women were flown to İncirlik about a week or two before their predicted due date to deliver. Our son was born March 24, 1974 at İncirlik.

Of course, in the spring, the storks returned from their winter migration areas to nest, and some of them even built nests on base, and we would often see them walking around the trailers.

When we returned to KARAMURSEL as proud parents with our newborn son, we walked the short distance from the clinic to the trailer we occupied at the time and as we approached, we saw a stork in the yard. I just had to take a picture of it! Maybe the stork didn't deliver our son, but it was there to greet us when we brought him home!

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