TUSLOG DET. 3-2, 1961 - 1963

Terry Lee Frock

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Electronic Intercept Operator on Dog Trick

Photos below from Terry Lee Frock taken at
Lackland, Keesler, Cannon and Samsun 1961 to 1963.


At left: Terry Frock at Cannon AFB, 1963.
Above, Dog Trick photo from 1962, Samsun.

I was stationed at Samsun during the Cuban Crisis. They put us on alert during this time. We were all called together in the gym for a big meeting, and the officers gave us a classified escape plan to get out of Turkey and get away should the need arise. We were to burn all classified documents, destroy all the equipment in the operations areas.

We didn't know too much what was going on unless we got newspapers from the states or heard it on the radio. I don't think the officers kept very much informed what all was going on between Russia and US. This is also the same time an American Ship came into port and a Russian Navy ship followed them all the way. The picture below (marked with *) shows all the airman looking down onto the harbor, and taking pictures of the whole thing.

We were also put on guard duty, carrying M-2 carbines in the fenced areas around operations. I expected to see the Russians coming up the hill but they never did. They would have had to get through the Turkish Army before they got to the fence. One airman - having put in too many hours working before going on guard duty - went to sleep eather sitting or lying down, and he got caught by an officer. He got into big trouble.

They give us a clip for the M2 carbines with three shells in it, then told us to keep the clips in our pocket. Not in the M2 carbine. Make sense. Maybe they really didn't expect we'd be attacked. These were tense times for all of us airmen stationed there.

Terry Frock
Lackland, Keesler, Cannon

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Basic Training
Lackland AFB

Basic Training
Keesler AFB


At Keesler AFB
Biloxi, MS


At Keesler AFB

At Cannon AFB
Clovis, NM

At Cannon AFB

Terry Frock in Samsun

At Samsun AFB

In Barracks


HQ, 1962

HQ, 1962

Terry's Pictures of Samsun Air Base, 1962


Airmen at



walking north

Samsun Mess

Mess Hall

Ready for trip to

Airmen's Club

Airmen's Club

Samsun picnic
in forest 1962

looking east

looking north

Det 3-2 Ops
on north side

Det 3-2 site,
south hill

Turkish soldiers

Turkish Soldiers
looking west

Turkish soldiers'

THY flight
to Ankara

Taking off
to Ankara

Scans of Color Slides
Added January, 2012
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Two airmen relaxing on the grass.

Airmens' Club

Street in Ankara

Entrance, Samsun base

View from Hotel Window in Ankara


Airmen watching baseball game

Baseball field

Airmen watching game

Playing chess in barracks

Chow hall, Samsun base


Chow hall line

Turkish chow hall worker

City park, Ankara

A Samsun street

Fire station, Samsun


Goulon in cage at Samsun base

Gym/Theatre on Samsun base

View of Black Sea from Samsun AS

Left, above and right: 3 Photo panorama of Samsun and Black Sea

   Another View of the Black Sea from the Base


Houseboy who worked in our barracks.

Aerial view while flying to Ankara

NCO & Airmens' Club and Chow Hall on base at Samsun

Lake in City Park, Ankara

Wallace Playing Pool, Airmens' Club


Pool player, Airmens' Club

Playing pool, Airmens' Club

Picture of Airman's wife hanging on wall in barracks

Street in Ankara

Terry Frock on bridge in Ankara City Park


Base Headquarters

Our radio station on base

View of Samsun base as we flew in from Ankara

Two airmen with Greek girl in Ankara

Greek girlfriend of airman on the right, in Ankara


Two airmen in Ankara on four day pass

Off duty in barracks

Base view, Black Sea in distance

Samsun Taxi driver


USO Entertainer.

Snowy day outside barracks looking north.

Snowing outside Airman Dormitory 1.

Christmas Tree in Chow Hall.

Harold Holden drinking coffee at Christmas party.

Christmas Party at Airmens Club.

Providing music at Christmas Party.

Christmas Party, Airmens Club

At Windy Hill Lanes

Coffee Time at the Chow Hall.

Taken at the Chow Hall.

USO Show in Gym.

USO Show in Gym.

Belly dancer leaving floor after performing for the guys. Drunk airman with coat and hat on his head following her.

Belly dancer performing in Airmens Club.

Really nice costume on belly dancer.

USO show in gym.

What is she letting him stuff in her costume??

Turkish belly dancer with pretty lights.

Christmas tree in Airmens Club.

Windy Hill Lanes.

Windy Hill Lanes.

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