Short Story from Matt Cotton

Sinop, Sep 1981 to Sep 1982

Matt Cotton

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Field Station Sinop

Hi! I was stationed in Sinop from Sep 1981 to Sep 1982 and had a great time. I was a 33S at Hippodrome (Hippy).

I had friends like Brian C. Peterson, Lawrence Anton Keifer, Patrick Scott (Fred) MacMurray, Brian Borders, and others, whose faces I remember, but not names.

I remember my "headstart" teacher, too, Oktay Bey!

Oh, yeah, Carlos Bazan and Maximo Ortiz Roman were in charge.

I bought my first color TV, a Sony Trinitron at the tiny PX there, as well as, get ready for it, a Sony Betamax VCR!!

I'd love to share my story and photos!
Best Regards,
Matt (Michael) Cotton
Lake Mohawk, NJ

Matt's comments on Scott Desrocher's website (which website seems to not be working any longer):

Wow, what a lot of great memories!

I was a 33S (before they broke it up) from about Sept 1981 to Sept 1982.

I'm terrible with names, but here goes.

Out at Hippy, I worked for Carlos Bazan, and then Maximo Ortiz Roman.  We listened to Ann Murray and Richard Pryor on reel-to-reel, that's all we had!  Drank a lot of Raki.

Roommates with Brian C. "Pete" Peterson, from CT, I think.  Friends with Patrick Scott "Fred" MacMurray, Fred E. Bearden, the 4th, and someone named Dumb Bitch.  Slinky was the radio DJ, I think?

I bought my first Sony Trinitron TV with a remote control (!!) and a Sony Betamax, which I think was $600 at that time!

Spent a LOT of time at the beach, learned to water ski there.  Someone drowned, though, MAJOR bummer for the beach after that.  The bus driver would bring us Lamacuns (Turkish-style pizzas, pronounced "LAMAJOON") for lunch, 100 Turkish Lira (TL) apiece!  Ekmek (bread) was 50 TL, I think?  What fun!  [Webmaster's Note:  In the early 1980's, one US Dollar equalled 90 TL, so the pizza cost about $1.01 and the bread about $.55.]

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