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TUSLOG Det. 4 at Sinop

Lee F. Neeley

2003 by Author

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I was at Sinop from about June 57 to March 58 - about 9 months total. It SEEMS like I was there longer but apparently not. I was transferred from Herzo Base (6th Field Station) [after about 6 months there] to Sinop so my 12 month tour of duty was apparently "adjusted" to take that into account.

I took quite a few pictures of my Sinop tour but hardly any of the the base itself. Mostly of downtown Sinop and surrounding towns/villages. The relations, at that time, with the people downtown were very good and I had a number of very good Turkish friends down there. I traveled around quite a bit and have pictures of Iancik, Zongledok, Adipizarri, Bursa and Istanbul. Once I, and a Turkish Tobacco expert and the local Taxi Driver took the Taxi from Sinop to Istanbul. Quite an adventure as I recall.... the Taxi Driver didn't charge much since he wanted to take his Taxi in to the garage to have some work done.

As I mentioned I have an album of pictures from Sinop but the only one that might be remotely connected to the APO is the airstrip. I recall clearly that I left Sinop in March of 58 aboard the L-19 aircraft that took off from the landing strip near Sinop and took me to Ankara for onward commercial travel to the States and home leave. (Just why I flew instead of riding a vehicle down to Ankara I just can't remember). The point is, that I recall that this L-19 was our only connection between Ankara and Sinop during the Winter when the road between Ankara and Sinop was washed out -- for APO mail and movies. I have several pictures of the L-19 taken just before I got into it plus several of the cockpit and a number taken out the window of the terrain. All these pictures are black & white. I also took a lot of KODAK 35mm color slides but again these are mostly of downtown touristy stuff.

I have no recollection of any other unit name other than TUSLOG, Det 4 while I was at Sinop.... I don't have any copies of Army orders from those days so I can't really be sure. Seems like I would have remembered something like that??.. Later, of course, in Germany I can recall the unit names like 280th USASA Co. and 78th Special Operations. (Both the same unit in Berlin - at Andrews Barracks). But nothing similar for Sinop.

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