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Dennis Crail Wants to Make Contact
with Old Friends

Dennis Crail

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(Dennis was stationed at DİYARBAKIR as an LE Security policeman and would like a make contact with old friends who were there during his time at Diyarbakir, June 73 to Jun 74.)


I was there from June 73 thru July 74, I was extended for a month, rather than the 12 months.  I remember having an incident that caused a very negative result between myself and a certain interpreter.  One day I was in the CSC eating a can of pork rinds, when this interpreter walked in and I offered him some, forgetting that they donít eat pork.  Iím from Hawaii, so when someone enters my work space, I normally offer what Iím eating.  This interpreter even asked me what was that Iím eating, I told him that it was good, so try some, he took a hand full and ate it and said yes it was good.  As we were talking, he took the can and started to read the label, and asked me, "Is this pork?"  I than realized that I had given him pork and said I was sorry.  This person gave me a look that could kill, ran out to the bathroom and I could hear him trying to throw up the pork.  The Base Commander found out what happen and I had to explain to him why I gave this interpreter pork.  This interpreter did not talk to me for a whole month.

I remember one morning the Base siren was going off and the entire Force had to report to work, recall.  At first no one had any idea what was going on.  We were given M-16 rifles and broken into two flights, working 12 hours per shift.  Later we found out it was the mass recall for all US forces throughout the world and it looked like we were going to war.  The next day the Turk army put two tanks at the Main gate, and all through the morning, the Turks were headed towards the boarders in truck-loads.

I remember going to İncirlik, the big AF Base and catching the "Camel Coach" for an 8 hour bus ride and we had to sit in the front of the bus.  That bus ride was a trip and a half and a most unforgettable memory.

That one year at Diyabakir felt like ten years.  Before I left for PCS, the rumors were that they were closing the Airport for repairs.  The day I was ready to leave, the Airport did close and I had to catch a "Camel Coach" to a place called Batman to catch my flight.  My luck, the Base had to send a person to pick up the mail from Batman so I had company on the long bus ride.  I have a hard time remembering last names, just first, like, Harry, George, Steve, Paul, Roy, and my flight Chief Jim Smith, who used to take my money from shooting pool.  But as I think about Diyabakir AFS, it was an alright place, we had a BX, movie house, barber shop, gym, pool, the famous chow hall, and all our Turks guarding the outside perimeters.  Hope to hear from the guys from the Duck.

Dennis Crail

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