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Mustafa Tevfik Mavigul


Diyarbakir - PirinÁlik AB

TUSLOG Det 171 (1976-1978)



US Embassy (1983-1987)


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[Seckin Mavigul sent the following concerning his father, who worked as a translator for the USAF and for the US Embassy in Turkey.]

I saw your site and want to make contact with you as a reason of an important issue for me.  My father, Lawyer Mustafa Tevfik Mavigul, worked at both the Diyarbakir Pirinclik Base and at the American Embassy in Ankara as a legal translator.  I'm searching any photos or memories of the other colleagues of my father because I lost my father in 1998.  As a result of his death, the memories and photos of him are most important to me.  I'm hoping that someone remembers him and maybe has photos of him with his colleagues.  In the mid 1970's I know that he was at the Pirinclik Base, and, I am not sure of the exact date, but in 1983-1987 he was in the American Embassy in Ankara.

[Below are photos of Seckin's father's USAFE I.D. Card:]


Front of ID Card.
Back of ID Card.