Aerial Views of Sinop, Early 1960's

Frank Fitzhenry

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Tuslog Det 4..1964...showing almost entire base
including ops, housing, post exchange, church, etc.

While it was a long time ago, I still have many memories of the "hill". I remember being a "Yeni". I remember the smell of cigarettes. I remember the fun of sailing in boats we had made to "American Designs". I remember the harsh winters, and I remember going without fresh food when the ships couldn't make it to port. My most vivid memory was J.F. Kennedy being shot, our "neighbors" suddenly going quiet, and the fear that another war was starting.

An interesting time for a 21 yr. old who was in electronic maintenance.

The aerial pictures above and below were taken from the infamous "Otter" which was our lifeline for mail. If the Otter didn't make the run to Ankara, we didn't get mail. The base photo people, that I helped from time to time, as I was an amateur photographer, took the pictures.

Looking south from Tuslog Det 4 toward Sinop

Wintertime - When the sea would freeze,
and food was reconstituted.

"Our Barber" foto by Frank Fitzhenry

If you served your time during 1963-64 you
got this priceless diploma showing the view
from the south looking past the town of Sinop
toward the "hill."

"Our Wonderful Otter" foto by Ken Workman

"Soldier of the Month" foto by Frank Fitzhenry

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