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Robert Ludwick



Det 50-AFSSO

Jun 1960 - Nov 1961

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I was assigned to AFSSO Det 50 Jun 60 - Nov 61.  I arrived at TUSLOG Det 3, Karamursel, approximately 14 May 1960.  I spent 1 month at Karamursel and was asked if I would accept an assignment to operating location AFSSO (Air Force Special Security Office), TUSLOG Det 50, in İnçirlik.  The officer in charge at the time was Capt. Herbert Marsh.  Lt. Marlan Holmes, an OCS grad, after my arrival, was assigned to AFSSO Det 50.  Later in my career I saw Lt. Col. Marlan Holmes at the 6917th Security Group in Italy.  Seven years later I was assigned to Trabzon.

Another guy and I did some horse back riding there and one stop was Inçerlik Village.  At that time it was just a village.  At some point it went commercial with businesses catering to the military, referred to as "The Strip".  Looks like as time passed the strip has lost its appeal.  The road from Inçerlik to Adana had a Roman-built bridge, and back in 1960 vehicular traffic was still crossing the bridge.  I would not be surprised that traffic is still crossing the same bridge.


Trucks at Incirlik.
Bob and Stan.
Bob with Turkish horses.
Roman bridge at Adana.

Bob befriending Gulan at Samsun.
Turkish boys at Incirlik Village.

Turkish children tending their
flock at Incirlik Village.