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A Brief History of Ankara

2003-2011 by Author

A Brief History of Ankara

by Dr. Gary Leiser and Dr. Toni Cross

For those who are interested in the history of Turkey,
you may be interested in a book By Drs. Leiser and Cross. Toni Cross is the
director of the Ankara branch of the American Research Institute in Turkey (ARIT).
Co-author Dr. Leiser is distributor of the book outside Turkey
(Dr. Cross within Turkey).


This book provides a meaty overview of the history of the city from the most ancient
times to the present, and is a beautifully produced paperback of 160 pages. A portion
of the proceeds from sales goes to the Ankara branch of ARIT.

Order the book from Dr. Leiser for $15 plus $2 shipping and handling
within the US, $4.50 shipping and handling outside the US. Dr. Gary Leiser
Indian Ford Press