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Pictures of Karamursel and area, 1970-71

Bob Peterson

2003-2014 by Author

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I was stationed at Karamursel as a non-morse operator in 1970-71. My wife Judith and I lived in Karamursel in a tiny apartment on the roof of an apartment building in town.

Our place had large balconies on either side of the house and we lived out on them much of the year. It was some of the best times of our lives. This is the view looking towards the mountains from our back balcony of our apartment. Our front balcony looked out over the sea.

This was the Mosque next door to our Karamursel apartment. There was a muezzin who climbed the minaret five times a day and called the people to pray. Most of the others used taped prayer calls. On cold mornings we could sometimes hear him wheezing and coughing on his way up the tower. When we got home we missed him.

Hannibal's castle, right across the bay from Karamursel Air Station. Hannibal is supposed to have killed himself here rather than let the Romans capture him.

Belly dancer at the airmen's club.

A boat on the waterfront.

Stormy Seas, Karamursel.

Turkish Veterans Parade.

I am currently working as an archaeologist for the Marine Corps in Okinawa.  I am planning on retiring from Federal service in August.  Who knows after that?  I may add some stuff here to my page when I get a chance.

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