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Roger Williams

Spec 4

Manzarali Station

Det 27


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Roger, Welcome to the website dedicated to those of us who served in Turkey. (As Roger adds his "story", I'll change this section.)  (From George, Webmaster.)

I just heard from Roger (Mon, 19 Sep 2022) and he says he will work on a story for us.

Heard from Roger again today (Wed, 05 Oct 2022) and he has added his story and provided some photos.

My story

I was stationed at Manzarali TUSLOG Det 27 as an MP. I arrived in March 1965 right after Military Police school at Ft Gordon and left in August 1966 as a Spec 4. From Turkey I went to Transportation OCS at Ft Eustis and spent 2 more years as a commissioned officer at Ft Jackson and Korea.

I was discharged in May 1969 as a 1st LT after serving in Korea as a Company Commander.

I spent most of my free time in Turkey traveling around the country. Iím glad I did because those are my fondest memories.

I had the help of the Turkish interpreters in our office as to where to go and what to see.

My travel partner was Frank Pinson of Det 27.  Sadly he passed away a few years ago.

The only name I recognize on here is Rob Nearpass who was also an MP.

I have a lot of pictures but they have deteriorated after all these years. Attached are some working as an MP.

I can send more later.