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Views of Turkey
August, 1959 - February, 1961

Dick "Rudy" Ruediger

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292's graduating class.  June, 59.  Rudy (me) in the back row at the far right:)

Barracks card game after class.  Kessler AFB, Mississippi.

292's graduation party in downtown Biloxi, Mississippi.

Rudy at Mainsite:)

Chow Hall at Mainsite

Barracks with some of the overhead water system.

Playing catch outside Dog Flight barracks.

Dog Flight 292's soaking up the sun.

Rudy outside barracks.

Barrack under construction with maingate in the foreground.

Barrack at mainsite.

Motor pool at mainsite.

Ship unloading supplies at the base dock.

Chapel at mainsite.

Snack bar, px, library, mail room, hobby shop - all in one.

Antenna field at mainsite.

202 analysts Dog Flight party at the Hilton in the 'bul.

Rudy and Hank Spears in the 'bul.

Maingate at KARAMURSEL Air Station.

Dog Flight and TUSLOG patches.

Dog Flight jacket, modeled by Bill McKay..

Bill Bowden, Bill McKay, unknown airman, Ron Wasek and Jim Mello sightseeing across from the base.

Turkish flag hanging from Bill McKay's garage door.

Front page of Istanbul newspaper announcing the election of JFK in November, 1960.

Ferry boat stop along the way to Istanbul.

Rudy in Istanbul.

Whitey in Istanbul - waiting for the ferry back to Yalova.

A Turkish porter (hamal in Turkish) making a delivery of goods in Istanbul.

A cab in Yalova.

Downtown Istanbul.

Yalova, near the ferry dock.

The ferry dock in Yalova.

The Hilton Hotel in Istanbul.

Galata Bridge in Istanbul, where the ferry to Yalova docks.

A mosque in Istanbul.

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