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George Hahnert

Sgt (E-5), US Army

Radio-Teletype Operator


TUSLOG Det 168

Sep 1966 - 3 Oct 1967

2015 by Author

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I was stationed at Det 168 Cakmakli, Turkey from Sept 1966 thru Oct 3 ,1967 as a radio/teletype operator.  I was promoted to rank of Sergeant (E-5), in charge of the radio net to three other units in Turkey.  Our Callsign was WE01, the other units were WE02, WE03, and WE05.  The WE05 base was close to the Russian border.

During my tour an earthquake occurred on a Sunday several miles from our base, killing several people.  As far as I know no military personal were injured.  When the earthquake happened I was playing cards with the Company Captain, the 1st Sgt, and the Company clerk.  The table and chairs shook and when the quake stopped, the table moved from in front of us.  Needless to say, everyone was in shock.  I ended up in the Captain's office three days later.  My mother had contacted a local army base wanting to know if any Army units were involved in the quake.  She was told we had no military personnel in Turkey.  She than contacted our Congressman who made an inquiry which caused me to sit in CO's office and write a letter home.

Would like any email addresses of guys who were there during my time.  Edward Davis was the Company Clerk (from California) and was my roommate.  One question is TUSLOG 168 still in operation?

George Hahnert
Retired from Columbus Ohio Police Department