Andrew Hall

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•  First Tour: Feb '81 - Feb '82 TUSLOG Det 209-2, Area Defense Counsel (ADC), İncirlik Air Base (CDI).

[I believe 209-1 was originally at KARAMURSEL but closed in 1981. Also I understand the 209 designator belonged to the ADC offices under TUSLOG. In 1981, there was only one. I was stationed in Turkey four times.]

•  Second Tour: April '82 - April '83 HQ TUSLOG/JA 209-2, Ankara Air Station

•  Third Tour: July '84 - November '86 HQ TUSLOG/JA 209-2, Ankara Air Station

•  Fourth Tour: November '89 - November '91 HQ TUSLOG/JA 209-2, Ankara Air Station

•  Fifth Tour: May '96 - May '98 39th WG/JA, İncirlik Air Base

Aydin Menguc or Aydin Bey as we called him. What a guy. I mean he would go out of his way to help us "poor" Americans who were totally lost when we arrived. I got to know his generosity quite well in my adventures while picking up my 1979 El Camino in Istanbul. I had this crazy idea that I would pick the car up myself and drive from Istanbul to Ankara instead of paying a broker like everyone else. This is 1982 before the TEM was in place and the drive was treacherous at best.

Well, I got to the port in Istanbul, checked my beloved El Camino out, and went and met with Aydin Bey. Of course he showed me around Istanbul and told me to call him if I ever needed anything. Being assigned to TUSLOG JAG office, I knew we would be in touch, but not quite like I had in mind. No sooner had I left the outskirts of Istanbul, my car quit. I managed to get it off the road and coasted to a parking area next to a small building that amazingly had a phone in it.

I called Aydin Bey, explained the situation and was told to wait about an hour. Within the hour, a car pulled up with a gentlemen who poked around the engine, and after several trips back and forth to Istanbul, my car was up and running. Never had any more problems with the car. It turned out the distributor shaft broke in two and the car guy made a new part for me. Aydin Bey arranged all this including the finance part - which of course I repaid him later.

Over the years (five tours in Turkey, 2 at İncirlik and three at TUSLOG in Ankara), Aydin Bey assisted many Americans, either officially or "just because." Hopefully we all have fond memories.