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Scott Adams


Karatas Tropo

TUSLOG Det 187

3 Aug 1977 - 1 Aug 1978

2015 by Author

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I was stationed at Det 187, Karatas, Turkey, as an airman E-2, fresh out of Power Production School at Shepherd AFB, from Aug 3, 1977 to Aug 1, 1978.  I remember it as being 8 acres and about 5 miles from the Mediterranean Sea.  The power plant where I was assigned had 4 each 250kW White Superior diesels, driving Westinghouse generators @ 120/208vac, 60hz.  Very reliable units; we had a single failure while I was there only because a lizard found its way into an electrical panel in what served as the substation (it was a prime plant, no transformer, regulators, or connection to local utilities).  There was a 300 foot microwave tower to Incirlik CDI in Adana, and 2 Tropospheric Scatter billboards.  One was 120 foot tall to Diyabikir Control (which linked to NORAD in Wyoming?) and a 60 foot tower to Malatya.  Favorite memories were F-4's using us as a mock strafing target, Turkish bread (I'd love to get the recipe), and our 2 dogs, Bonnie & Clyde.  I can still find the site on Google Earth but it looks vastly different now.  I'd love to hear from guys that knew me from there, especially my room-mate K.P. Scott Adams 08 May 2015