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Tony J. Tarquinio


TUSLOG Det 171

Jul 1967 - Jul 1968

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(19 Sep 2014)
Thank you for having such a wonderful and exciting site for personnel stationed in Turkey.  I was in Diyarbikır for exactly one year.  For a remote site in the mountains of Turkey, I was really impressed with the amenities there.  In April of 1968 the Air Force installed a regulation size swimming pool.  Great for those summer days when tempertures were around 120 degrees.  I will share some amusing tales next time I am onboard.  Thanks again.

(26 Sep 2014)
One day word came down that there would be a spit and polish inspection first thing around 07:00 the next morning.  So, the night before we all worked very hard getting our boots to shine like mirrors.  No exaggeration when I say that we worked about four hours.  The next morning we fell out for inspection, and by now the temperature had reached approximately 95 degrees.  At this point, a top kick (Master Sergeant) came out of the barracks, took a look at the location of the sun, made us do an about face that put us directly in the path of sunshine and left us at attention for approximately 45 minutes.  You can imagine what standing in direct sunlight at high temperatures does to boot polish.  Well, it completely melted the polish to a brilliant dullness you would not believe.  Just at that moment the Master Sgt. returned to us, took one look at all of our boots and then proceeded to chew out each and every one of us for not shining our boots.  Another day in paradise.  Thanks for reading.

06 Oct 2014)
I recently learned that the base was closed in 1999.  It would be great to communicate with someone I knew there.  Thanks again for having such a great site.