1959 Images of Trabzon, Turkey

Tom Karjala

2011 by Author

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The Black  Sea Liner which carried a good number of our guys to Trabzon from Istanbul.
Trabzon at night on the town square.
The town square looking at the area where they hung a Turk for murdering someone.
A guy hauling furniture. He was giving me an evil eye for taking his picture.
The old part of town
The market near the town square coming down the street from the Tuslog Building.
Some of my buddies waiting for a truck to take them up the mountain. They are carrying rifles, most of them.
A couple Turks holding each other's  hands behind their backs.
Trabzon Palace Hotel, across the town square is where I lived for approximately 6 months before construction was completed on Bosteppe Hilton.
A view of the new quarters on Bosteppe.  To the close left is chow hall, next left is NCO/Officer's Club, straight away is BOQ, on right is BX and gym and barber shop and post office around the far corner.
A view from the outside stairwell looking southeast,
Me looking in from outside stairwell.
A bear cub some guy was training to do tricks and earn money.
In front of our new barracks, Bosteppe Hilton.
The countryside shot from barracks.
The harbor - looking down at the harbor from the top of the cliff next to the operations site. The Black Sea liner is docked also; it is the largest ship, colored mostly white, and hard to pick out in this picture.

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