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Richard "Dickie" Beach



1961 - 1962

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A Brief Recollection of Trabzon:

Hello, my name is Richard "Dick" Beach.  I was stationed at Tuslog Det 3-1 (Boztepe) from 6 Jan 1961 to Apr 1962.  I went from there to the 6913th at Bremerhaven, Germany.  There were a couple of programs in Security Service at the time for enlisted personnel to move to another overseas base and receive the next higher rank - to include Technical Sergeant.  I went from Trabzon to Germany for what was then called Airman First Class - three stripes.  As I recall, the programs were named 3-D and later 2-T.

I took several pictures while in Turkey, but unfortunately lost them all while stationed in France after Germany.  I remember my tour in Turkey well, but I have a hard time remembering the names of those there at the time.  I do, however, remember Thomas Steck, A1C, Morse Intercept Operator "A" Flight; Ernest Tanaka, SSgt, Mission Supervisor "A" Flight; Brandon O'Brien, MSgt, NCOIC Operations; and Charles Christy, Capt, Operations Officer.  I remember we had an African American Warrant Officer at Trabzon who was the Administrative and Personnel officer.  Our mascot was a dog named "Huck" for Huckleberry Hound.  I think he was fed better than the rest of us.  As I recall, the "White Boat" as we called it, would dock downtown each Tuesday or Wednesday on its way from Istanbul to near the Russian border.  On occasion, a couple of us would go down and eat supper onboard.  I also recall that we would bring our chairs to our little half-gym and watch movies at night.  We also had a "do-it-yourself" popcorn machine which we would crank up.  I remember well the little radio station on base that played our favorite hits from America and it was manned by volunteers from within our ranks.  It put out just about enough wattage to cover the little base.  The addition of the bowling alley (two lanes) was a great idea and made the time go by faster.  I even set pins there on occasion.  I was a 29251 (Morse Intercept Operator) and assigned to "A" Flight.


Radio 390A.
Aerial View.
Entrance to Base.
Downtown Trabzon.

Club Kismet Logo.
Trabzon Patch.