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Dale Endreson's Many Tours

Corlu, Istanbul, and Izmir

1978 - 1994

2014 by Author

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We heard from Dale Endreson about his photos from Corlu, Istanbul, Izmir, Bergama, and Troy.  The photos have been placed here in the "Various Sites in Turkey" section of the main page.  It was thought that it better to post here than to each of the three places individually.

(07 Jan 2014)

Stationed at:
Corlu - 1978
Izmir - 1982-1984
Istanbul - 1986
Corlu - 1987
Izmir - 1992-1994

From:  Dale Endreson:
For those stationed at Det 74 (21st USAFAD), I spoke with Ahmet the Barber today and he asked that I pass along his wishes for a Happy New Year to all who were stationed at Corlu.  He is retired and is 71 years ago and still fondly remembers all the good times and people stationed at Corlu.  (See below at the end of the Corlu section to see Dale's latest note and photos from his recent re-visit to Corlu.)

Dale has sent many, many photos taken at Corlu in 1978.  NOTES on the Photos:

1.  Blue Blazers:  A Blue blazer was a shot of rakı set afire and then drunk in one fell swoop.  The glass would then be turned upside down and if more than three drops fell out, you had to do it again.  Upon a successful swig, you would be awarded the Order of the Blue Blazer card.  This was done once a month at Hail and Farewells.

2.  Captain Horner was the detachment commander.  He arrived about 1 month before I did and we were stationed together at DLI together learning Turkish.

3.  Huseyin was the Commander's driver and a very good one at that.  Always very dependable.

4.  We had one USO show come to us during my time at Corlu.  It was a small band and I do not remember the name. But they provided much needed entertainment for the troops.

Photo Memories - Corlu
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Ataturk Statue in the Compound at Corlu.

The Barracks at Corlu.

Blue Blazers.  (See above for explanation.)

BOQ Photo 1

BOQ 2.

BOQ 3.

Commander's Inbox.

Captain Horner and his Driver.

Captain Horner and Turkish Officers.

Captain Horner with HN Support.

Detachment Area 2.

Detachment Area 1.

Detachment Dog.

Detachment Dog.

Detachment Officers and NCOs.

Group Photo of Turkish and American Military Officers and NCOs.

Dale's Promotion to 1st Lieutenant.

Detachment Turkish Support Sergeant Major.

Dale and Captain from 66th Division.

Dale and His Turkish Team.

Detachment Sign.

Dale at the Detachment Sign.

Dales's BOQ Room.

Dale's BOQ Room.

Hail & Farewell - 2.

Hail & Farewell - 3.

Hail & Farewell - 4.

Hail & Farewell - 5.

Flag Football.

4th of July 1978.

4th of July Barbeque 1978.

Mess Hall Supervisor.

Turkish-American Day at Corlu.

Turkish-American Day at Corlu.

Turkish-American Day at Corlu.

Turkish Workers Watching Football.

Major Huseyin, the Commander's Driver, and Dale.

USCG Beach House.

USCG at Kagburun.

USO Show 1.

USO Show 2.

USO Show 3.

USO Show 4.

Blue Blazers (Original)

Captain Horner.

Detachment Officers and NCOs.

Flag in the Mess Hall on the 4th of July.

Beach at USCG.

(30 Jun 2015)  Dale added to his story about Corlu.

Greetings.  Thought I would sit down and let you know I was in Turkey a few weeks ago and my wife, Sehnaz, and I made a side trip to Corlu.  Has Corlu changed?  You bet.  I did not recognize hardly anything.  The highway takes you into the west of where we used to go in.  It has grown so much.  You can see in the ad for one of the newest hotels in Corlu.  The new highway takes you quite a ways farther west of the entrance to the army garrison.  Our main purpose was to see Ahmet the Barber and his family.  Ahmet got very emotional when he saw me and Sehnaz.  Hard to believe that 37 years since our time in Corlu.  Below are some photos of myself, Ahmet, and his wife.

We met his wife and their daughters and some of their grandchildren.  Naturally they laid out a spread for us and he brought out the old pictures and we laughed about the old days.  He said to pass on his regards to everyone who was stationed at the 21st USAFAD.  He has so many fond memories of the time at the detachment.  He, of course, is retired.  I am not sure that the old barber shop is even there considering how modern and spread-out Corlu is now.

In Izmir we saw the old Cakmakli fire chief, photo attached.

Ahmet the Barber.

Dale, Ahmet, and Ahment's wife.

Izmir Fire Chief.

The Hilton Garden Inn in Corlu.

Corlu Hilton Garden Inn Ad.

Photo Memories - Bergama & Troy
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During my time in Corlu we made a trip to Izmir to pick up items from the PX and commissary.  I do not remember why we made the trip but I think it had to do with the sporadic deliveries sometimes from the PX trucks coming to us from Ankara.  Nevertheless, we took off and the intention was to drive the entire way from Corlu to Izmir and perhaps see Troy and Bergama on either the way down to Izmir or on the way back.  I seem to remember we decided to spend the night in Troy cause it was getting late and the next morning our van had a flat tire, so the pictures show the hospitality of the Turks in helping us get the flat fixed so we could be on our way.


Troy Ruins.

Troy Ruins.

Troy Mechanics Fixing Flat.

Dale and Garage Mechanics.

Dale at Troy.

Dale at Troy.

Hotel Trova at Troy.

Bergama Ruins.

Bergama Ruins.

Trojan Horse at Troy.

Homer's Statue at Troy.

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