John Feld

2003-2012 by Author

I was stationed at Det-100 Eskisehir in about 1967 as a munitions load monitor, supervising the loading of the Turkish F-100 Aircraft. Loads were made by the Turkish Air Force. I was in Turkey during the earthquake in Eastern Turkey. Tsgt John Hightower was the NCOIC, and by the time I left just the two of us were left in the department. Major Henry L. Fredrick was the commander when I departed. Most of our support, mail and supplies came from the Ankara sites, however we did make an occasional run to Adana or Izmir for special supplies we would need, and I was part of that crew as well.

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  We begin our brief tour entering Eskisehir Base, Turkish guards control entry to the base.

  After passing through the gate and a short distance down the road we enter the Detachment, Det. 100 with our ambulance on the left and the round Quonset on the right functioned as the motor pool.

  With the permission of the ladies I was able to take their picture, they performed the very important detail of "laundry" I do not know the names of the ladies, during slack times I some times would help them with repair of their equipment. The picture below the ladies is me (John Feld) with the younger ladies son, Odnon I believe was his name. He was always around the Detachment area but normally kept close to "Mom".

  A rousing game of "football" on a Sunday afternoon with the Porsuk river in the back ground.

  We did a training exercise for radiation leaks in picture we are completing the exercise.

  I spoke to a gentleman in down town Eskisehir and he allowed me to have my picture with his horses and carriage.

  After a brief shopping tour Dan (on left) and I were ready for a "shine" and the young gentleman around Eskishir Park was the man for the job.

  Det. 100, bordered on the west by the river Porsuk.

  Front view of the motor pool with A1C Tom Kirk in charge (not pictured).

  The E.O.D. H/Q with quarters in the rear. SSGT Hunter in charge again not pictured. Sgt Hunters NCO friends humorsly nick-named him "Tab" after 50's era movie star Tab Hunter, he enjoyed it, but didn't fit the bill.

  The day room, Library, Theater, etc.

  Turkish Man and pet Bears, the Bears would do tricks upon a command from the man, photo taken on the road just outside Eskisehir. No, we didn't try to get a closeup.

  People and shops on a street in Eskisehir.

  Turkish Askeri (soldiers) and A2C Goldblat doing landscaping work, A2C Goldblat was our resident Medic. but liked to help any where he could.

  Mail call at Det. 100.

   Although we traveled in and out of Ankara several times we always had a time-line so we didn't get real familiar with the many statues/monuments, but I believe this is a Monument to Ataturk.

 We traveled to Izmir on a supply trip and we were able to stop at Ephesus where we found this statue in front of the visitors center.

A Marble street in the ruins of Ephesus.

The Palace of Municipality in the ruins of Ephesus.

The brothel across from the Grand Theatre.

  A Marble street in Ephesus.

  Sculptured columns among the ruins in Ephesus.

  The Grand Theatre, seats 25,000 in 66 rows.

  Entrance to House of the blessed Virgin Mary.

 The Altar inside the Shrine.

   On a supply run we passed through a small village that evidently was having a festival. People everywhere.

  Unknown village a lady leading animals to graze in the desert.

  Unknown area, truck broken down, by law - to give oncoming vehicles some warning, rocks must be placed on the road near your broken-down vehicle.

  Unknown area, plowing the soil.

  Road-tripping to Adana and drove this road, gravel for the most part but very pretty scenery.

  This was some where in the neighborhood of Eskisehir, with barren land all around all of a sudden you came across this "Oasis" appearing area, I do not know what they used the water wheel for, but it was running.

  Me, John Feld, standing alongside a coal truck tipped over, again, rocks around for protection (or warning).

  Unknown area, harvesting grain.

Unknown village as viewed from road side.

  My tour here started in June of 1967 and as time flew by it soon was February of 1968, time for departure. I had previously been stationed at Spangdahlem, Germany for 12 months, one third of a 36-month assignment. I was moved than to Eskisehir and could only serve two thirds of a 12 month assignment or 9 months. At left is Maj. Henry L. Fredrick commander presenting me with my "going away present", a T.U.S.L.O.G. Det. 100 Zippo lighter. Each person completing his tour received one of these.In the photo we are in the Airman's/NCO/Officers club in the Barracks at Detachment 100.

  In this picture, I'm ready to board the plane to fly from Ankara to Istanbul,then to Paris, France enroute to JFK Airport in New York.

  At left, and below, is me with my treasured souvenirs, Turkish Rugs in a picture taken in the "Now" setting!