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Living in Turkey

Cliff Ferguson, USN (Ret.)
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I lived in Golcuk from August 1959 to August 1961.

My duty station was TUSLOG Det 28 at KARAMURSEL, and my rate was Communication Technician First Class. Our third daughter - Doreen - was born at the KARAMURSEL dispensary in November 1959. After my tour of duty, I was assigned to the Naval Security Group Activity, Naples, Italy from 1961 to 1964.

After serving at Naples, Italy, I was transferred to The U. S. Naval Radio Station, Northwest, Virginia and served from 1964 to 1967, then to The Naval Communiations Station, Guam, from 1967 to 1969, and my final duty station was Naval Security Group, Galeta Island, Canal Zone.

I retired as Senior Chief Communications Technician (E-8) on July 17, 1973 and have called Clinton, Mississippi my home ever since.

The street I lived on was Kavakli Caddesi 32, as I recall, and my landlord was Sinan Tumer and his wife Fettikana. They had a son, Sumer, age 18 and we had a ball spearfishing around the pier where the ferry boat came in - next to the German battleship. The biggest sea bass I speared weighed 28 lbs and we sold it to the Turkish Chiefs Club, and the Prime Minister of Turkey ate some of it at a function they had a couple of days later.

I also hunted birds in the hills with some Turkish friends and had my car (1956 Chevy) worked on by "Mustafa". Used to get a haircut for 50 cents along with a hot small glass of "çay". I also went to a house down the road converted into an NCO club and played bingo about every week. One of my fondest memories, however, was around 1960 when the beautiful champion belly dancer of Turkey came to the OPDET unit and wound up dancing nude which was a hit with all the men.

I also went fishing a lake Sapanja and up in the mountains trout fishing at Ataturk's mountain retreat. To say that I enjoyed my tour of duty would be an understatement.

Cliff Ferguson