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Rinaldi James Montessi

US Army, E-4 thru E-8

MOS - 436/55G


TUSLOG Det 168

70th Ordinance

1966-1967, 1977-1978

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In addition to the dates stationed at Cakmakli, I was also part of the SETAF (Southern European Task Force) G-3 Inspection Team responsible for evaluating both the American and Turkish units' proficiency, roughly 1983-84.  MOS 436/55G.  E4-5 in 1967, E7 in 1977.  E-8 as inspector.

Mostly evaluated Plans/SOP's and ED procedures.

Loved it.  Drank too much.  Tended bar or cooked at the NCO club, both tours.

Worked in Det 168 (70th Ord) Operations section both tours.