Manzaralı Site 23

Doug Haynes

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Manzaralı, Turkiye

A. Det 115 or Det 16 Restricted Access
B. Sewer Treatment Plant(?)
C. Fire Department. Two Trucks
D. Officers Quarters
E. HQ and Communications Center
F. Mess Hall(?)
G. AFEX (not PX!) and Commissary
H. Main Gate and Guard Shack

I. GI Barracks
J. Dispensary (hospital and dentist)
K. N.C.O. Club and restaurant
L. Bowling Alley and Gymnasium
M. Theater N. Chapel
N. Chapel O. School (1-3 and 4-6)
P. Dry Cleaners
Q. Family Living Quarters
R. Col. Barton lived here.

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