Pre-Teen Years at KARAMURSEL, 1967-'71

Robin Hood

2003-2011 by Author

My father, Jack W. Hood, was a GS14 and the Personnel Services Director at KARAMURSEL. He started the intramural football program for the base and high school. My mother is Jerilene Odell Hood and I have two sisters, one named Kristi who graduated in 1973, and one named Mary who graduated in 1978 from Holmes High School in San Antonio. I graduated from Holmes in 1975.

My time at KARAMURSEL was during the same years as the character in the "Wonder years" I went through some very interesting changes in KARAMURSEL being introduced to girls, the love for baseball, basketball, and football, and starting to understand some of the opportunities that life offers. I would have to say some of the best things I experienced were learning how to snorkel on the jetty in the Marmara sea. During this time I was asked by a girl to find a watch she had lost and so I went to work trying to find it. Down I would go holding my breath as long as I could looking for the watch and then up again for another breath of air. This went on for about 5 minutes, and one time when I was down there I found a very flat stone. I picked it up and put it in my pocket. I then continued looking for the watch and eventually found it. After finding it I took the stone home and left it on my dresser in a box for about a year until my dad found it and polished it up.

IT WAS A BYZANTINE COIN! The Smithsonian dated it between 997 and 1097. I didn't find this out until I returned to the states or I would have looked for more as I am sure they must still be there.

Another wonderful experience I had was swimming the Bosphorus at the age of 11 when I was in the boy scouts. I also made some great friends on "Goat Mountain" when going camping with troop 233. I remember teachers named Mr. Guinen and a Mrs. Buckley, two teachers who both made valuable impacts into my life.

I discovered Baked Alaska, slot machines, and music at the NCO club..... There used to be a little wooden bridge next to the school that led to the football fields and the softball fields. One night I stayed on this bridge and talked with 2 girls and another guy all night long. For a kid at the age of 12 this was one of the most important, eye opening, and enjoyable moments I had ever spent and gave me a feeling of learning what love meant. I know this sounds stupid and to all of you out there it really is but to me it was one of the most profound moments of my life where I found that deep conversation really was very enjoyable.

We left KARAMURSEL in 1971 and headed to San Vito Italy where I went through the 10th grade. We then moved to San Antonio and went to Holmes High School where I graduated in 1975.

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