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Karamursel Air Station Images 1958-1959

Chuck Maki

2003-2011 by Author

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Main gate of Alan KARAMURSEL (Turkish for KARAMURSEL Field) viewed from inside the base, looking southward.

Mainsite from the hill just outside the main gate, west side.

Mainsite from outside main gate, east side.

Buildings at Mainsite L-R: Unknown, Mess Hall, NCO Club.

Det.28 Navy Barracks, a second was built to the left of this one and in late 1959 a third was added.

Vern Shattuck in front of the Administrative Offices. Vern and I graduated from high school together. It was quite a shock for me to walk into the post office one morning and find him standing there!

KTUS Christmas and New Years greetings from the "Radio Voice of Mainsite"

Mainsite Headquarters Building. The TUSLOG Det 3 sign with the USAFSS logo indicates this is 1959 and Det 1 had been deactivated.

TUSLOG Det 1 (notice the 17th AF logo atop the barracks and personnel office entry portico suggesting the foto was taken during transition from Det 1 to Det 3) with A1C Andrew Richman, (I believe from Colorado) base radio operator, and his assistant (from New York City) name unknown. Andrew was a German born guy who once complained to me about the English language. He said, "you say rough and tough and then you say doughnut. Why don't you say dufnut." You had to be there to hear this stuff. I went on to become a Speech-Language Pathologist, better unable to explain it to him. :)

TUSLOG Det 3 Personnel Office, identifiable people are TSGT Bill Wiard (of Kentucky Derby country) to the right, back left is A1C Don Kingery, front is the First Sergeant, MSgt Mundt. Could be SSgt Joe Gignac partly hidden by the filing cabinet. (Sergeant Wiard was the finest supervisor I had ever known. Without him, I think my last six months would have been pretty precarious to say the least. Thanks Sarge.)

TSgt Bill Wiard, best supervisor I ever had - bar none!


TUSLOG Det. 1 unofficial departure token. This little card was given to me during the Det 1 (7217th ABS days) by someone who departed with a smile on his face.

Unofficial cigarette lighter of TUSLOG Det. 3 Headquarters Squadron Section.

NCO Club Card

Back of NCO Club Card. I think "NO CREDIT" was added by mistake in August '59 and not because I was being reassigned. I wonder how Sergeant Blochowski knew? The back showed I paid my bills but wasn't allowed credit in August 1959. No trusting in an A/2C. I'd have paid. Really!

Rod & Gun membership card signed by Major Guy B. Cooper who was head of the accounting department, and Carl W. Hemp (accountant).

We went on a fishing trip one weekend to Lake Sapanja and on another time we had a wild boar hunt. Fortunately, we didn't run into any wild boar, but my roommate did - and he was covered with blood from having helped gut the beast.

A wedding invitation, in english, from a Turk we knew as Smokey Joe.

Yalova laundry's advertising card

Dual language Hilton Hotel welcome ("Hos Geldiniz") card in Turkish, above, and below the reverse side in English.

Turkish receipt for fishing permits at Lake Sapanca for three individuals.

Div CC, which took me away from Turkey in August, 1959. (Click photo to enlarge)

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