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Still More Pictures of Karamursel and Istanbul

Chuck Maki

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1959 - On the back of the photo, I had written "At Mainsite, Turkey TUSLOG Detachment 3, USAFSS, Barracks 3, room 1


Galata Bridge ferry landing - October 1957. One of the "locals" leaving.


Fiat Topolino 500, a great little car! Taken just 3-4 blocks from Taksim Square...58-59


August, 1959 - Chuck Maki conducting the unofficial ceremony of the presentation of the passport so that Dr G.W.F. Stripling, Ph.D. will be able to depart Turkey.

Dr Stripling is overcome with emotion - was it the solemnity of the ceremony or the knowledge that he can go home :) I believe he knew that his predecessor had some troubles with Turkish customs officials when he and his wife tried to go home. Something about undeclared dollars was the scuttlebutt.


Istanbul, October 1957
Trolley line not far from the American Consulate


Istanbul-the Kahan Building, Air Force HQ. It had a snack bar, BX, class IV store :) NCO club on the top floor, transient barracks and more.


Hilton Hotel, Istanbul in background. It has to be 1958 as you can see by my clothing. The BX had been unable to stock up adequately...a big morale problem for us all.

Mainsite, just within the main gate is the PTT (Post Office). At left is the congenial postmaster Adem. He did a great job serving the needs of stamp collectors on the base and I suppose I could say he's partly responsible for my interest in Turkish stamps.


Istanbul, October '57, Road construction!


This is me pretending to be working out my next move at chess. The pic was a setup, of course, because I was on a photographic tear at the time. The print was developed in May, 1959


Express ferry Haydarpasha

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