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Still More Karamursel and Area

Chuck Maki

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I took this picture of Istanbul after we left Haydarpasha Railroad Station on a ferryboat.
I'm really proud to admit it was dum luck. Just like that single game of chess I won from Alan Ragland.
I made a move...he studied the board and resigned. I was quite surprised at that. Alan, where are you?

Cec Biddle - a 73250 co-worker at Mainsite

Front and Back of a Dondurma Ice Cream wrapper from the late '50s and early '60s.

Same here: front and back of my 1958 Turkish hunting license.

Mainsite Karamursel from the hill just outside the main gate (which is at left in this picture).


Gul Palas Hotel luggage sticker and the typical view from a window. Try finding a view like this at the Hilton! We loved that hotel!

Mainsite Headquarters Bulding.


Me in Barracks room - notice the old ww2 style bunkbed, Grundig radio/record player that belonged to the guy who helped gut the wild boar:) and check the rug and table. I think there were 2 or 3 people living in this room.


My corner of a different barracks room with new style bunkbeds and seeing some other stories, I now know where the old wooden ones went...for the overflow guys.

Roomates L-R: A guy from Virginia, MN, radioman A3C from NYC area, Cec Biddle, and me.


Me in my corner with the TUSLOG Det 3 cap :)


What can I say? A little pride-in-service?


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