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Summer Fun at Karamursel Air Station, Turkey

Chuck Maki

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The photos here are provided by Chuck Maki.  Most were taken in 1958.  If you are able to help name any of the people shown, I will add that to the description.

Turkish guests at the KAS 4th of July celebration in 1958.
   It was quite something to have Turkish army generals and an admiral visit the base.

Grandstand pic shows USAF 1st Lt Eugene Terry at the bottom center, further up and to the right is our super PTT (postmaster) Adem (pointing) - he did a great job for Turkish philately! The commander of TUSLOG Det 28, Captain Chiles, USN and our visiting Turkish navy admiral are seated above and to the left of Lt Terry. I wish I could add the name of the Turkish admiral but memory is weak.
   Help gratefully received for names of anybody shown:)

Our visiting Turkish Navy Admiral and  Captain Chiles, USN, during the championship baseball game between the navy's Det 28 and the air force's Det 1.  Captain Chiles, USN, appears to have been caught cheering for the air force:) or is he protesting a play.  The admiral does not appear to have been adequately briefed on this American game of basball.

Media at the edge :)
   Nope, didn't get hauled onto the carpet for this pic:)
   Captain Chiles, USN, commanding officer of Det 28, and Colonel Allen, USAF, Base Commander and commanding officer of Det 1 both had the rep of taking care of their troops!
   If anybody can supply names for some of these sailors, I'd be grateful:)

   Part of the luncheon crowd
   Our Turkish guests are enjoying the picnic. 
   Again, I have no names:/

   The great race and taking a foto, behind the second participant to the left, is yours truly so the question is, who took this pic?
   My best guess is TSgt Don Lusk of Det 3.

   Before the championship game - Colonel Allen, USAF, 
our distinguished visitor from the Turkish navy, and Captain Chiles, USN.
   The admiral is preparing to throw out the first ball.

   Throwing out the game ball  with excellent form is our visiting Turkish admiral who has certainly been briefed on this action!

Championship trophy goes to TUSLOG Det 1 (my outfit). Presenting the trophy to a delighted Colonel Allen, USAF,  is one of our visiting Turkish army generals.  Airman emcee the late Don Brown is to the left, and standing at the right, applauding, is Major Thomas C. Carver. Seated to the far right is Colonel Townsend, USAF, commander  of Detachment 3.

Air force brass: Major General O'Keefe, USAF, commander 17th Air Force, is followed by TUSLOG Det 1 commander Colonel Allen, USAF, (left) and HQ TUSLOG commander Colonel Jones, USAF.
   It would seem that the General and Hq TUSLOG Colonel are here for deactivation of TUSLOG Det 1 which occurred in June, 1958 but I cannot swear to that as a fact.

Whose child is this? We refer to the one between the officers of the pic above, a greatly enlarged scan of a family group.

Enjoying life are SSgt Blochowski, (right), the NCO club boss, and in the middle is a civilian contract worker who I suppose was working with the firm that was finishing construction of the base. Our main Turkish interpretor, whose name is something like Burdak, is second from the left.

Three-legged race - racing at the left is SSgt John Miller of the TUSLOG Det 1 personnel office.

Miss Mari Blanchard, movie actress was a guest at the 4th of July doings and probably this also was in 1958. She was shooting a film in Istanbul as the story goes.

Miss Mari Blanchard again posing for pictures and having lunch with my fotog mentor, TSgt Don Lusk. The things a photographer has to do for his country :)

Miss Mari Blanchard once more and me ogling her shamelessly!

Katherine Hepburn was a visitor at a different time, but by chance. She was on her way to nearby Bursa when her vehicle broke down quite near to us so we were able to provide assistance and help her continue on her way.  The media (me in this instance) was everywhere :)

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