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Pictures at Karamursel, Turkey

Chuck Maki

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We were not in town for a happy occasion.  Indeed, it was a very sad time.

The ferry Uskudar had sunk in the eastern end of the Bay of Izmit in 1958 with the loss of several hundred lives. We American military at the nearby base had collected several thousand lira on the base for survivor relief and had brought the funds to the village to be deposited in the bank.

Mayor's office. If memory serves, the two Turkish officials are the military governor and mayor.  1Lt Eugene Terry is the USAF officer, and in the white jacket is the official interpretor whose name was something like Burdak.  Can somebody help me here?

The local governor, the mayor, and 1st Lt Eugene Terry in KARAMURSEL

KARAMURSEL Police Station  On the left is A2C Ambrose, from Orange NJ or somewhere nearby, who edited the base newspaper.  I am also there.  I am along to take photographs because I have been recently assigned as Base Photographer.  Real truth is that we have far too many Personnel Specialists (me being one of that crowd) and don't know what to do with them - so who took the pics with me in them?

A KARAMURSEL coppersmith
We are seen here waiting for the officers to finish their business.  Interesting wares but I didn't buy anything.

Coppersmith's shop 
I am reaching up to touch one of the small decorative platters the artisan has made.  It's really nice workmanship, too!

Coppersmith at work  We are watching this guy doing his thing. The boy is either his son or his apprentice.
I don't know why didn't I ask at the time:(

Saddle makers shop  We are observing the work done by these two guys. I kind of recall the strawdust in the air.

Saddle's use  is seen as we stand with the local police officer. We were setting up a foto of the two of us with the officer, when the donkey strolled by :)

1953 Chevy!  from Iowa, county 78 with 1957 plates. Our USAF vehicle  is parked ahead of the car.

1957 Ford stationwagon  is our nearly new USAF wheels. Our visit to KARAMURSEL has caused a stir. I wonder if they knew why we were in town?

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