Help add to this list.  This shows the Detachment, known locations (timespan) and actual name and even a comment about mission. Units move around so don't presume something here is wrong.   Some information has been gained from my collection of APO postmarked envelopes and postcards which may be incorrect because units around Istanbul, for example, are known to receive their mail at APO 380 / 09380 and so corrections here would be most welcome.  Don't throw away those old postmarked envelopes!  I started my collection when I found one I sent to him in 1958 in his dresser:)
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HQ TUSLOG (USAF) --- Ankara

TUSLOG Det 1 (USAF) [7217th ABS, USAFE, --- Ankara 55-57,---Karamursel 57-58 (deact.)
TUSLOG Det 2 - USAF Weather Det. - İncirlik
TUSLOG Det 3 (USAF) (6933rd RGM, USAFSS) --- Ankara 1956 then Karamursel 57 - 75?  [to Panama???].  Det 3 became the 6933 Security Wing at the same time as Samsun went from Security Squadron to Security Group around 64/65.  Also when the 33rd became a Wing-level unit, all of the Security Service units in Turkey plus the 6937 Comm Group (USAFSS) in Peshawar, Pakistan became subordinate units to the wing.
TUSLOG Det 3-1 (USAF) ---6939th RSM then it became the 6939th Security Squadron Trabzon, open from 1956 until early 70s.
TUSLOG Det 3-2 (USAF) --- 6932nd Radio Squadron Mobile became 6932nd Security Squadron and then
became 6932nd Security Group (1964/65) - Samsun was open from 1956 until closure in the early 70s.
TUSLOG Det 3-3 (USAF) --- Sile, Turkey RSM base.
TUSLOG Det 4 (US Army)    - From one veteran: "There  was a 4 man army calibration det at Sinop supporting the ELINT mission. They were part of the 524th maint co (TMDE) out of Pirmasens Germany. I was the ops officer for the company. Pat Lynn; Duncan, Ok].--Sinop, also Corlu."
  - From another veteran: "There had been a US Army detachment at Sinop from the mid or late 50’s, to the mid 70’s possibly well beyond. I was stationed there in '67-'68 and at that time the detachment was made up of several hundred (200-250?) personnel. Most of the men were Army Security Agency with MPs and support personnel and a handful of Navy linguists (perhaps 10 or 20). The operational personnel were about evenly divided between SIGINT and ELINT...05s, 98Js, COMM Center, all kinds of electronic maintenance and many more MOS’s I’m sure."

TUSLOG Det 4-1 (US Army) [supports Det 4]  --- Ankara
TUSLOG Det 4-2 (US Army) --- İncirlik/Adana
TUSLOG Det 4-4 located at Karamursel AB. An Army Security detachment of 80 -90 individuals, 05H's, 05K's, etc.  Typical tour was 18 mos. Worked a mission that the Zoomie's didn't have!
TUSLOG Det 5 -- Ankara
TUSLOG Det 6  was the USAF communications unit in Ankara from Sept 1961 until 1972 (at least).  The det received and generated the teletype traffic for the USAF in Ankara.  Troops for the Det 6 "Comm Center" were housed in an apartment building in the Kavaklidere section of Ankara.--- Ankara
TUSLOG  Det 6-1 was the unit operating the tropospheric scatter radio relay station on Elmadağ for the same time period.  Tropospheric scatter was the line-of-sight UHF radio relay system in use during that time period, sites manned by all branches of the military but primarily USAF.  The system literally circled the globe.  The Elmadağ relay station also included microwave links to Site 23, the army station, and with the Turkish General Staff.  Army and TGS traffic was relayed on the tropospheric scatter system to other sites in Turkey: Samsum, Sinop, Trabzon, Karamusel, Diyarbakir.  Troops manning the Elmadağ site were housed with Det 6 until the summer of 1966 when they moved to newly constructed billets on the Det 6-1 site. --- Elmadağ
TUSLOG Det 8 (USAF) ---  Diyarbakir 56-?, ---  İncirlik/Adana date?
TUSLOG Det 9 (USAF) ---  Diyarbakir  as early as 1955
TUSLOG Det 10 (USAF) now known as 39th Tactical Wing. --- İncirlik/Adana
TUSLOG Det 10-1 (USAF) (7216th Air Base Squadron) --- İncirlik/Adana 56 - ?
TUSLOG Det 10-3 - (USAF) location?
TUSLOG Det 10-10 (CIA) [U2 unit]  --- İncirlik/Adana
TUSLOG Det 11 (USAF) - a communications outfit -- Cigli and also known in 1982 to be located in downtown Izmir.
TUSLOG Det 11-1 (USAF) --- Cigli AB /Izmir
TUSLOG Det 12 (USN) --- Istanbul 1956-1965
TUSLOG Det 13 (US Army) --- Izmir
TUSLOG Det 13A  --- Izmir
TUSLOG Det 14 (US Army) - Ankara
TUSLOG Det 15 (Det 5, 1141st Special Activities Sq., USAF) ---Izmir
TUSLOG Det 16 (USAF) AFCS Communications Group (with sub-dets throughout Turkey)---Det 16 was known as  2006 Comm Grp when at Elmadağ in 83-84, they are listed at  İncirlik/Adana in 1982.
TUSLOG Det 16-1 [an İncirlik det (comm sqdn) at JUSMMAT] --- Ankara
TUSLOG Det 16-2 (USAF Communications Sqdn) --- Elmadağ in 1982
TUSLOG Det 16-3 Murted in 1982
TUSLOG Det 16-4 Erzurum in 1982
TUSLOG Det 18 Golbasi (near Ankara) AFTAC Air Force Technical Activities Center
TUSLOG Det 20 (USAF)---  Izmir
(The USAF Hospital in Izmir was redesignated in 1957 from Det 20 TUSLOG to Det 34 TUSLOG: courtesy of George W. Bill Adams, Jr. 3/17/2009)

TUSLOG Det 26 (AFOSI District  69 in Ankara)
TUSLOG Det 27 (US Army)15th USASA Field Station - Ankara, later Manzaralı. While officially listed by the U.S. Army as Manzaralı, Turkey, personnel stationed with Det 27 have reported:   

  • that it opened early in 1960, across street from U.S. Embassy in Ankara,
  • then was moved to west of Ankara '62 - '64,
  • later to Golbasi Lake (south of Ankara), through Nov 67.
  • Det 27, in its history apparently stood on its own as an ops site, shared space with other detachments, and ranged from admin to ops in its duration.

    TUSLOG Det 28 (US Navy) ---Karamursel 1957-1980, --- Sinop  80-88 - arrived in 1965.
    TUSLOG Det 28-1 (US Navy) - designation found in Det 28 newsletter of 1973. - Sinop
    TUSLOG Det 29 (7214th Support Squadron, circa 1967-69) --- Istanbul
    TUSLOG Det 30 (7250 Support Sqdn) --- Ankara
    TUSLOG Det 33 (US Army) ---  Istanbul
    TUSLOG Det 33-1 (US Army) --- İskenderun, subdetachments Izmir & Istanbul
    From George D. Clark, XO of Det 33 from Jan 72 until Jan 73:
      "Det 33 was the port operator at İskenderun in SE Turkey running the surface supply chain for İncirlik AFB. It was Army, all Transportation Corps, subordinate to MTMTS in Brooklyn, NY. A LTCol, a Capt. (me), 2 SFCs, 2 SP4s and six or eight Turkish employees. It had been there for 5 years before I got there and was there for at least 2 more after I left (I knew the officers who followed me). There was also a Transportation detachment in Izmir and one in Istanbul."

    TUSLOG Det 34 (USAF) --- Izmir
    (The USAF Hospital in Izmir was redesignated in 1957 from Det 20 TUSLOG to Det 34 TUSLOG: courtesy of George W. Bill Adams, Jr. 3/17/2009)

    TUSLOG Det 36 (USAF) --- Cigli/Izmir
    TUSLOG Det 37 (USAF Hospital) --- Ankara
    TUSLOG Det 38 (USAF HQ Command), based at Karamursel, Turkey. - closed in 1972.
    TUSLOG Det 43  --- Cigli/Izmir
    TUSLOG Det 46 (USAF Base Dispensary) --- Karamursel
    TUSLOG Det 46-3 (USAF Medical Facility) --- Istanbul
    TUSLOG Det 47 (USAF Hospital) --- İncirlik/Adana
    TUSLOG Det 48 - 7025 Air Postal Squadron, Det. 5 (sub-dets throughout Turkey)
    TUSLOG Det 48 - 1 7025 Air Postal Squadron, Det. 5 -- Ankara
    TUSLOG Det 48-2 (USAF) (USAF Air Postal/Courier Service) --- Izmir
    TUSLOG Det 48-4 (USAF Air Postal/Courier Service) --- Istanbul
    TUSLOG Det 48-6 (USAF Air Postal/Courier Service) --- Karamursel
    TUSLOG Det 48-9 Istanbul
    TUSLOG Det 48-10 (USAF Air Postal/Courier Service) --- Cigli
    TUSLOG Det 49 (USAF/OSI) --- Istanbul
    TUSLOG Det 50 (SAC) Medical Unit, İncirlik/Adana
    TUSLOG Det 52 (USCG) - Kargaburun.
    TUSLOG Det 55 (unknown) --- Ankara
    TUSLOG Det 57 (US Army) --- Istanbul
    TUSLOG Det 58 (US Army) --- İncirlik/Adana
    TUSLOG Det 59 (USAF) - Diyarbakir.
    TUSLOG Det 60 (US Army) --- İncirlik/Adana
    TUSLOG Det 62 (USAF) --- Balikesir
    TUSLOG Det 63 (USAF) - 2003rd Communications Squadron (AFCS) - Karamursel
    TUSLOG Det 63-1 (USAF) - 2003rd Communications Squadron (AFCS) ? - Trabzon, Yamanlar in 1982
    TUSLOG Det 63-2, a USAF Comm unit which reported to Karamursel -1973 info. - Baliksehir,Samsun, Balikesir in 1982
    TUSLOG Det 66 (US Army) --- Signal Corps radio relay site. Ankara, Manzaralı.

    I was stationed at TUSLOG Det 66 1963 thru 1964. Det 27 was located at the same installation out on the Anatolla Plains. We had a small Det subgroup at Sinop and I visited there once. Nice. Best part of the assignment was the time four of my comrades and I took a trip through Turkey visiting some of the old christian churchs and sites. All the way to Tarsus. A very isolated tour of duty.
         Charles E. Burkhalter, SSG E6, US Army at the time.

    TUSLOG Det 66-1 (US Army) -Sinop.
    TUSLOG Det 67  (US Army) Headquarters Company for artillery companies and one ordnance company stationed mostly in and around western Turkey.  Renamed as 528 USA Arty Gp, Cakmakli
    TUSLOG Det 74 (US Army) Artillery Company  --- Corlu It became the 21st USAFAD (US Army Field Artillery Detachment) in 1982
    Detachment) in 1982.
    TUSLOG Det 75 Diyabakir - 1982.
    TUSLOG Det 76 (USAFSS) --- İncirlik/Adana
    TUSLOG Det 83 - (US Army) - disbanded Nov/Dec 61 with personnel going to Det 27 - Manzaralı.
    TUSLOG Det 85 (USAF) --- Istanbul
    TUSLOG Det 93 [mostly Air Police - about 80 people] --- Erhac
    TUSLOG Det 94 (USAF)  --- Air Force Intercept mission, Karamursel
    TUSLOG Det 94-1 (USAF Operations) --- Karamursel
    TUSLOG Det 94-2 (USAF Support Functions) --- Karamursel
    TUSLOG Det 95 (USAF) [successor to Det 3] --- Karamursel
    TUSLOG Det 96 (?)  --- Karamursel
    TUSLOG Det 97  US Army Artillery Company  Det 97 became 14th USAFAD in '82  --- Izmit
    TUSLOG Det 98 US Army, Erzerum
    TUSLOG Det 100 (USAF)  --- Eskesehir
    TUSLOG Det 101 (USAF) - mid 70s for sure - Corlu. also there in 1982.
    TUSLOG Det 105 - Corlu,  1967.
    TUSLOG Det 107 - Izmit (USAF) 1979 - 1980.  The unit reported to İncirlik.  More directly Kosekoy/Izmit 1982.
    TUSLOG Det 111 Alemdağ, 1982.
    TUSLOG Det 113 Erhac, 1982.
    TUSLOG Det 113 - [This was the communications unit for Det 93].  --- Erhac
    TUSLOG Det 114 (USAF) --- Cigli/Izmir (also 1964-1966 İncirlik/AdanaUSAF Air Police Detatchment)
    TUSLOG Det 115 (unknown) --- Manzaralı, also Ankara.
    TUSLOG Det 116 USAF Special Services -- Cigli/Izmir
       RE: TUSLOG DET 116 - Cigli Air Base. I was about the 51st person to sign into the base on 12/31/61. Assigned to Crash Rescue/Fire Department. First day on base in daylight revealed about a thousand Konex boxes, a cement and tar plant and two missile shelters. First months spent in hotel in Izmir and drove back and forth to base. Had no fire hose for our trucks for several months! Had to fight all fires with our crash equipment. After a few months they brought in trailers and then built barracks. Was there during Cuban Missile Crisis. We didn't have any aircraft in the beginning, only what came in from Wheelus, Italy and USAFE bringing everything in to build the base. Turkish Air Force had several F-84s and some propeller driven aircraft. The five Launch Pad sites for the Jupiters were established and armed while I was there. Left the base in February 1963. Frank D. Collins.

    TUSLOG Det 117 USAF Base Supply --- Cigli/Izmir
    TUSLOG Det 118 USAF Air Police & Finance Office (Special Services & Air Police later amalgamated as Det 118 in 1965, May or June) Cigli/Izmir
    TUSLOG Det 119 was the USAF Hosp at Izmir with a support clinic at Cigli.
    TUSLOG Det 120 Ankara, National Security Agency
    TUSLOG Det 121 Cakmakli, 1982.
    TUSLOG Det 124 (USAF) --- Ankara , Det 5 of European Broadcast Squadron (CFN) --- İncirlik
    TUSLOG Det 124-2 , presumably the armed forces broadcasting people --Karamursel
    TUSLOG Det 124-4, mid 1960s, presumably AFRTS?, at Trabzon.
    TUSLOG Det 124-5, mid 1960s, presumably AFRTS?, at Trabzon.
       In August 1966 Col. James D Catington, base commander issued temporary orders for one A2C Tommy J Phye, A2C Phillip R Digristina, A2C William Wedgbury and A1C Thomas Fleming to join A2C Robert Benedict as part of a special detachment to participate in the Turkish International Fair held in the city of Izmir. Digristina was flown in from Lakenheath, England and Fleming brought in for Travis AFB, California to once again reform the rock & roll band, “The Unknowns”. During July 1965 to June 1966, prior to the transfer of said individuals, “The Unknowns” were the most highly regarded stage acts in all of Southwestern Turkey . Col. Catington had all members of the band assigned to Det 124-5 as part of AFRTS, Turkey for the duration of the International Fair. The band performed two shows a day at the American Providian for an entire month. Fair ran from mid August to mid September 1966.
    TUSLOG Det 132 (USAF Dependent Schools) --- Istanbul
    TUSLOG Det 134 (?)--  Karamursel
    TUSLOG Detachment 150 - [ "Sahintepe Radio Relay, Turkey"  Det 150's name changed sometime in the mid 1980s to Det 12, 2006 Communications Group.  2006 Communications Group was the new name for Detachment 16 at İncirlik.  Sahintepe's mission was to provide radio communications services to the TUSLOG, NATO and Turkish General Staff.  On a rough order of magnitude, 80% of the  radio communications, whether they were telephone, data or radio links, passed through our tropospheric radio systems.  In 81-82, approximately 35 US Air Force personnel were assigned (one captain and 34 enlisted).] --- Sahintepe and at Karamursel in 1970.
    TUSLOG Detachment 150-1 (aka TUSLOG Det 47-1)  USAFE  designation for the one person medical unit attached to Det 150. --- Sahintepe
    TUSLOG Det 155 (US Army) SASCOM artillery unit  - at Ortaköy 69-70. , also Corlu and also Geliboli.
    TUSLOG Det 160 (US Army)  - Ortaköy (a district on the Bosphorus in Istanbul), 1970s - 1982. A nine man Air Force Communications Service detachment that provided communications support for TUSLOG Det 155.
    TUSLOG Det 162 Eskisehir, 1982.
    TUSLOG Det 164 (?) Karamursel
    TUSLOG Det 165 (USAF) --- İncirlik/Adana
    TUSLOG Det 166 - Izmir
    TUSLOG Det 168  (US Army) Ordnance Company provided maintenance for Honest John Rocket warheads, 8", and 155 Artillery rounds (all nuclear).  Renamed as 70th Ordnance Company --- Cakmakli
    TUSLOG Det 169 (US Army) Sinop.
    TUSLOG Det 170 - Headquarters Mediterranean Communications Region,  Ankara.
    TUSLOG Det 171 - Diyarbakir, Turkey circa 1967 - 1968
    TUSLOG Det 175 the MAC terminal  ---İncirlik
    TUSLOG Det 176 (Aerial Port Services at Yesilkoy) --- Istanbul
    TUSLOG Det 179 was a USAF Tropo-scatter relay site located on top of a mountain about 30 miles from Malatya, 1982
    TUSLOG Det 180 (?) Karamursel
    TUSLOG Det 181 İskenderun       
    I was an Sgt in USAF (sometimes commander) of Det 181 which was an Air Force radio/telecommunications unit housed with Det 33 providing communication support for the Det 33 mission.
    Ed Roberts, Added: 5/3/2007

    TUSLOG Det 182, İncirlik, WAF squadron (Women in the Air Force) until 1974/75. After that they were assigned to regular units.

    TUSLOG Det 183, Murted, It was a munitions support operations, about 120 people known as the " Murted Animals".  1977-78 for sure.
    TUSLOG Det 184, USAFE which reported to TUSLOG Det 10 at İncirlik CDI - 1973 info. - Baliksehir.
    TUSLOG Det 187 (USAF) Karatas, 1982.
    "I was a SSGT assigned to DET 187 KARATAS power plant from AUG 78 to AUG 79. We were a tropospheric scatter radio relay site, about 6 acres in size. We also were the microwave link to İncirlik CDI. We produced our own electricity from 4 250 KW diesel generators 24 USAF personnel were on 12 month tours. We had 8 Turkish guards, a Turkish SGT and Capt. We were located only six miles from the Mediterranean Sea. We had a 14 foot power boat for recreation and spent a lot of time down at the beach.
    (Added 11-6-2007)

    TUSLOG Det 192 -  39th Consolidated Aircraft Maintenance Squadron at İncirlik, however most of its airmen were on TDY from Torrejon Air Base in Spain.
    TUSLOG Det 193 - Air Base Group ---İncirlik
    TUSLOG Det 193-1 - Security Police Squadron ---İncirlik
    TUSLOG Det 199 - 39th Supply Squadron ---İncirlik
    TUSLOG Det  204 (USAF)(6934th Security Sqdn, from Feb 72 at least, at Sinop.
    TUSLOG Det 209-1, Area Defense Counsel, İncirlik AB, Turkey.  Established about 1975 and still there Feb 82.
    TUSLOG Det (???)  (US Army) Artillery Company --- Gallipoli
    TUSLOG MP Platoon (US Army) --- Ankara

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