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Fred and Carol Moore

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A November, 2012, Follow up on our article: Leaving Turkey

Speaking alphabetically, here’s how life is NOW,

Remember I spoke of these things: Anxiety, Car, Family, Fear, Friends, Frustration, Health, Household Goods, Preparation, Reality, Routine and finally Travel.

Anxiety: well, there was plenty and it was long lasting but it’s now over and we have made peace with our new home. The anxiety about moving, finding a home and surviving in the US economy was all simply (as usual) fear of the unknown and overcome by the reality of living.

Car: it came without incident and now we’ve replaced it with a second Toyota Camry.

Family: we decided to simply move without seeing any relatives initially; after we were finally settled we began seeing family and friends here in the states. My mother lives 14 hours away by car, my sister 5 hours, our son and family 2 hours, Carol’s sister is 5 hours and her brother is only reachable by air. We’ve visited with all but Carol’s brother.

Fear: as is the usual, there was no reason for this at all. Every fear I harbored was unnecessary and counterproductive but as is my nature experienced anyway!

Friends: these wonderful people are forever – we are now using Skype to be in touch across the water’s of time.

Frustration: like fear, totally unnecessary and overcome by living the experiences one day at a time.

Health: stress was certainly fully engaged but as things began falling into place this was no issue. Yes, we’ve had serious colds and the usual headaches but all is well today.

Household goods: everything arrived and all was in good shape – no losses or damage.

Preparation: this obviously made the transition, on hindsight, first rate and well done.

Reality: what can I say but as this began to materialize none of the documented anxiety was worthy of concern.

Routine: newly re-established – we both have new and settled routines now that fit as well as those of old.

Travel: we’re still doing it but in far different ways; most by car now and even though the destinations are more mundane we still must get out and learn about our new home.

So, there’s my two cent tour on where we are NOW and the myriad results we have achieved! As I read through the previous page of last year and thought through our complete transition; I felt compelled to complete the circle. Do we not miss Turkey; you must jest, Turkey will be a serious loss in our lives for a very long time and we pray we’ll return one day in the not too distant future. The longing lingers and will forever!

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