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Fred and Carol Moore

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Here's the whole story of how the Moores became "adoptive Turks" and we are adding this prolog because we have had countless emails from the Moores' ever-growing fan crowd to lay out the back story.  So here, written by Fred, himself, and dated 3/24/2011, is the story:

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"I got a letter from the President inviting me to be an attendant in his war; I took it to the AF recruiting center and signed on for 4 years of AF duty. At the time I thought; good Lord four years! Well, that four became 26 in all; I retired as an E8.

"During that 26 years I was assigned to Ankara, Turkey twice – I was actually married twice and currently Carol and I have just over 29 years together. I returned to Turkey with Carol as a US Government employee in 2003 for a 2 year assignment and extended up to today; civilian government employees are not generally allowed to remain overseas for more than 5 years, but we’ve been extremely fortunate to have been here nearly 8 years.

"Living in Turkey has broadened our worldview and given us a truly new outlook on our global community. As a young child I had no idea I would ever be living outside the USA nor have served our country for so many years. When I was first invited to present myself for duty in Turkey I was quite devastated; I had visions of living in a tent! I had no concept nor knowledge of what Turkey was or even where it was!

"That Turkey assignment in 1981 was the driving factor in Carol and I being married so quickly; we met on October 18th, married 2 months later on December 18th 1981. When I told Carol about my assignment to Turkey she was quite excited and extremely positive – I was low, but accepted the reality because I was military and you do as your ordered, without question!

We transitioned to Ankara for a two year assignment and after six months on the ground extended our stay two more years; I was promoted out of my job and had to return to the states. Even then we were not excited about the move back, but five years later Turkey was to be our assignment once more. Yes, we’d been smitten by the people and the country, and today we’re even more smitten. Turkey has gotten into our blood and the culture has consumed us – the people have taken us in as fellow countrymen."

And now, (July, 2011) the Moores have, once again, returned to the U.S. as Fred's job in Turkey was completed. But today (August 26, 2011) we heard from Fred that he and Carol have dragged their habit of weekend shopping to their new residence in the U.S. In fact, they were in an antique store and came face-to-face with a statue of Ataturk (at left, click to enlarge.) which was labeled "Strom Thurmond"!



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 MISSING TURKEY - STILL!  (added 04-22-2015).

Fred has followed up with some nice reminiscences about Turkey.

 LATEST FROM FRED AND CAROL  (added 02-27-2014).

A short addition to Fred's and Carol's Tales of Turkey.


A Saturday drive takes the Moores to the town called "The Granite Capital of the World," near Elberton, Georgia. We learn a whole lot about how granite must be "man-handled" into final products, and you'll get an insight into these two people whose curiosity knows no bounds!


A Saturday drive takes the Moores to the town called "The Granite Capital of the World," near Elberton, Georgia. We learn a whole lot about how granite must be "man-handled" into final products, and you'll get an insight into these two people whose curiosity knows no bounds!


The Moores - as we learned during their Turkey Period - enjoy traveling around and seeing the sights. Now that they're back in the U.S. they can't seem to break the they jumped in the flivver beat it to Helen, North Carolina. Why? Well, why NOT? Read the story of their "Trip to Helen"


One of the early trips following the Moores' relocation to Georgia, involved a chilly Christmas adventure over to Savannah. This tracks their interesting sightseeing there and a wonderful reception at a church, tour of a civil war era fortress and other side trips."Trip to Helen"


OK. Fred and Carol have returned and settled in. Now what? Well the looking back period has started. The Moores are asking themselves all the usual questions: what did we learn from our experience? What went on in America while we were gone? What are the outstanding memories? What did our Turkish friends take away from our friendship and love of their country? These are some of the questions we asked the Moores to address. And the very first response is back Read it Here

 SETTLED IN - ONCE AGAIN HOME IN AMERICA  (added 2011) we go! They're back and truly settling in. Thus begins a new chapter for us...and for Fred and Carol and it sounds from their newest story that they're both working hard in the settling-in process. Read on!


Nobody likes leaving Turkey after having lived in that fascinating country, and for the Moores, we know it was near-devastating. If it weren't for the opportunity to reintroduce themselves to family and friends, we think they might have found a way to stave. But they're here, have found a residence to buy, and are gradually accepting the Turkish Experience as just one of many highlights in their most interesting lives. Read all about it!

 The Dreaded Moment arrives: Fred and Carol Leave Turkey  (added 2011)

Well, we hate to say it, but this newest dialog is Fred and Carol's last written from Turkish soil. When next we hear from them they'll be in the U.S. and we're hoping they will continue to file stories as memories of Turkey and that they will keep us up to date on their doings while "back home." In this writing, they talk about their history, and Fred details how they came to arrive at their final days in Turkey. Read on...

 Thoughts on Leaving Turkey  (added 03-23-2011)

Imagine serving in the military, and then staying on in Turkey as a US Government Contracting Specialist civilian employee for 14 years...and the day comes that your company informs you they are transferring you back to the U.S. where you will be given a position within the company, but they and you don't know where! That is Carol and Fred Moore's immediate dilemma.

They will be missing all the friends they've made and the incredible places these weekend wanderers have visited and fallen in love with. It must be nearly unbearable, though we will welcome them back to the States with open arms...and we're sure they will continue to share memories of their time in Turkey, as well. So thus begins their first chapter of "Thoughts on Leaving Turkey." Read on...

 The Culture Museum of Ortahisar  (added 03-11-2011)

In Cappodocia you can't be much more in the middle of Turkey, and Ortahisar is the ultimate "real Turkish town." Fred and Carol Moore are there, cameras in hand, and taking a tour of one of the most popular sites, the Kultur Mez (Culture Museum) which gives an astoundingly accurate portrayal of Turkish life 'way back when and until today. Thanks to mannequins dressed in costumes of their era, the story of their trip comes to life. Lots of photos you can click to see enlargements, as well. Enjoy!

 A DRIVE INTO ANTIQUITY  (added 01-23-2011)

What a wonderful life, to be able to drive on a weekend to astounding sights - and sites - so near to home. Fred and Carol are off to the west of their Adana home, exploring the back-country not far from the beaches of Erdemli on Turkey's mediterranean coast. Once there, Fred and Carol head north into the hills, discovering an aqueduct, an ancient church, and the "Mausoleum of the Powerful King" whose identity is unknown. (But we DO know he was powerful.)

(added 01-17-2011)

The first thing you learn about Turkey is that near wherever you are, you'll find awe inspiring, ancient sites! No Americans living in Turkey miss these sightseeing opportunities, and Fred and Carol Moore are certainly no exception. If Fred's not at work, they're out touring nearly every weekend, and certainly on every vacation. They long ago found that Turkey is a deeply fulfilling place to live. This account is of a photography day trip with a group to the "Corycian Caves" - not real caverns, but two deep pits named "the pit of Heaven" and "the pit of Hell"...and within spectacular viewing of the Mediterranean seacoast.

 OUR ANNIVERSARY: GOING NOWHERE!  (added 12-29-2010)

Well you know those Moores: always expect the unexpected. This time they stayed home for their Anniversary...well sort of. You see, Fred and Carol's wanderlust takes over even when they decide to stay home, and you'll only understand when you read their report of living it up with all their hometown of Adana, Turkey offers!

 CAMARTI & POZANTI  (added 11-20-2010)

After leaving Goreme, a historic town north of Adana, the Moores head home and discover Camardi and Pozanti. The beauty is astounding, "Once winter does blanket these mountains with snow, the views become even more spectacular. I’m talking about this drive today for a totally different reason; fall colors, rich brilliant yellows, dark rusty oranges, deep burgundy reds and every hue in between." Enjoy the photos!

 YUMURTALIK  (added 09-07-2010)

Fred and Carol Moore are off on a little jaunt within their home Adana Province in Turkey to their favorite getaway, Yumurtalik. This resort community, with a population of about 5,000 in winter, grows to more than 40,000 inhabitants during the summer as it is a prime place to own summer homes. So enjoy their story of this trip by these two galivanters to the "egg nest"!

 CAPPADOCIA  (added 07-25-2010)

In Turkish it's pronounced "Kapadokya" and there have been people living in Göreme since the roman times. This absolutely stunning, scenic area in the center of Turkey is a must for today's explorers of this historic, fascinating country, and it is one more reason for us to be jealous of Fred and Carol Moore who live so close to Turkey's antiquities! Cappadocia is easily available to the Moores, and tourism there is growing as people realize it is a wonderland of caves, underground cities, churches, monasteries, museums, and - oh yes! - shops and stores galore! Enjoy the Moores' most recent tale.

EPHESUS & PAMUKKALE  (added 05-16-2010)

We've said many times, "you haven't been transported to another world until you've stood in Mary Magdalene's home near Ephesus." That and the sheer magnitute of the remaining ruins of Ephesus, matched up with the stunning beauty of the springs at Pamukkale make for a life-changing experiences. Here's the story and the incredible pictures from the Moores. Click the title above to get to the story!

TARSUS  (added 04-23-2010)

Carol gets the prize this time, for noticing signposts directing the Moores to a wonderful treasure-filled museum in Tarsus. Just going out for a day's drive can result in these incredibly satisfying finds in Turkey. Click to get to the story!


The Moores are off again, this time it's Thanksgiving with a pair of friends, flying Pegasus Airlines from Adana to northern Cyprus and visiting goosebump-inducing, historic settings including Bellapais Abbey, below which is their beautiful Bellapais Gardens hotel. They also visit Othello's Castle (Brush up your Shakespeare!) and other wonderful sites.

ANKARA'S ATATURK MEMORIAL  (added 11-04-2009)

The Ataturk Memorial in Ankara is the center of the solemnity in which Mustafa Kemal Ataturk is held in Turkish hearts. Fred and Carol Moore re-visited it recently, and this is the beautifully written and illustrated story of their pilgrimage.

TUNNELS OF TURKEY  (added 10-30-2009)

Fred and Carol Moore enjoy traveling on the narrow-gauge trains of eastern Turkey. They take many pictures, and have compiled a page of photos of leaving and entering various tunnels. A nice way to spend some quiet time, just looking at them!

A CILICIAN DRIVE  (added 10-29-2009)

The terrace overlooks the sea and the water is aqua marine blue and calm. There’s just the slightest ripple as the breeze teases the surface. We’re comfortable and we order grilled leverek (sea bass), a wonderful white meat fish. It comes with chopped cucumber, tomato and pepper salad.

KOCATEPE MOSQUE, ANKARA  (added 10-29-2009)

We’ve just pulled up in two cabs beneath this monstrous edifice. Carol and I have been here a number of times but our guests have not visited before. We’ve been giving the Sims family a fast paced tour of ‘our’ city. When Carol and I first happened upon this sight back in the eighties it was under construction; we entered into the building through an opening...

THE CARPET SHOP  (added 10-29-2009)

The shop’s size is no indicator of price, quality, quantity of product or size of rug. The walls of the shop are lined six and eight deep with rolled carpets from a number of different countries in the region.

DRIVING ANATOLIA (added 09-09-2009)

You simply cannot drive anywhere in Turkey for long without being confronted and amazed by its historical sites. In this account, Fred and Carol Moore visit a Caravansaray (overnight inn) dating back to the early trade routes across Turkey. It has been carefully restored and they have photos of the process. Further on they visit the Dark Church and museum. Wonderful reading. It's like going on the trip with them!

TURKEY 1981:  IN THE BEGINNING  (added 08-17-2009)

I hung up the phone and called my new friend – Carol – and I said, “We’re getting married tomorrow!” She said, “You have an assignment, where are we going?” Notice she said – we. I immediately said, “Nowhere, I have to do this alone.” She repeated her question and I told her “Turkey” and she immediately said, “Let’s go!”
SPONTANIETY  (added 07-20-2009) – When you simply do what’s on your mind. At this moment. NOW!

MYSTERY OF A THIEF  (added 07-10-2009)

Our drive was seemingly going well...when just a few car lengths in front of us was a large tandem axle stake-rack truck with a young man perched barefoot on the very thin edge of the rear deck holding precariously to the top of the stake racks... The young man is holding on to this moving vehicle with one arm tucked into and over the tailgate boards. With his other hand he is fishing for something...

 ANKARA – VISITING WITH FRIENDS  (added 07-02-2009)

Once again we’re off to visit Ankara and old friends. This could be our last visit ‘home’ before returning to the United States. We must leave our adopted Turkey in the next twelve months; sometime before July 2010. As is our usual mode of transportation to Ankara – we have tickets on the night train (201 Lira round trip for two). Our dear friend and Turkish son, Kenan Ay, got our tickets and takes us to the train station. Our train is scheduled for departure at 7:35...

INCIRLIK TODAY  (added 07-01-2009)

The village just off base has mostly grown up around the gate. It has tended to grow along the base fence line. It's called İncirlik Village, quaint name don't you think?

KAHRAMAN MARAS  (added 07-01-2009)

This city was once known solely as Maras; Kahraman was later added as a prefix meaning 'heroic'. In Turkey's War of Independence, Maras lost the greatest number of souls to the people's cause to save the land now known as Turkey.

CAVE HOMES OF GOREME  (added 07-01-2009)

Göreme is the only place in the world with free-standing "skyscraper" caves. An advantage of the topography is that it allows the cave dwellings to be lit with relative ease, making them anything but the cliché picture of damp, dingy caves. The dry, breathable tuff stone also ensures a pleasant climate inside the dwellings.


On the road from Osmaniya to Karatepe stand the ruins of Hierapolis (Kastabala). (Not to be confused with the Hierapolis located near Pamukkale) Between 52 B.C. and 17 B.C. this Cilician town became the center of an independent principality under Tarcondimotus I. Rome (under Augustus) then restored its influence by making Tarcondimotus II, the new king, Governor of Cilicia in Anazarbus.

TRUCK STOP LUNCH  (added 06-16-2009)

The autobahn seems less traveled today than usual but maybe it’s only psychological on my part. We travel only 15 or 18 minutes to get to the truck stop. About half way there we see some thing has happened along side the road; it appears someone’s belongings have been thrown into the ditch and strewn on the roadside bank. It’s possible a truck toppled over...

IFTAR DINNER  (added 06-16-2009)

We’re at a restaurant on a bluff over looking the Adana Lake. This is one of the premier restaurants in our city...Glenda pulls into the driveway and the car is taken by the valet. We ascend a couple of wooden steps to the deck...We walk across the deck and begin our descent down another set of wooden stairs, we must drop twenty feet or more to the patio below. The floor beneath our feet is now marble, as we step onto the patio...

A HAIRCUT  (added 05-03-2009)

Oh wait, we’re not through: Mehmet trims the eyebrows and does a little tweaking of his haircut. He seems happy now and prepares for the final treatment. He pulls out a long stiff wire with cotton on the end; it looks like a long handle Q-Tip. He dips it in fluid, probably alcohol but I’m not certain, and then sets fire to it...

A TOUCH OF ADANA  (added 05-03-2009)

We spend as much time as we can in the city of Adana (the weather determines how long we stay out usually). We continue to explore the culture, even after three years, there’s always new to be found. There’s nothing more dull and boring than sitting at home when we live in such a vast world of cultural discovery...SO, we walk, drive or get a base cab to the front gate...We leave through the base gate on Saturday mornings to get what is called a “dolmus”.

SOGANLI TO GULSEHIR  (added 04-26-2009)

We now come to the crossroads, Guzelyurt to our left, Ihlara straight ahead and Belisirma to our right. There’s a very nice gas station/rest stop here to the right as well and we stop for it. As we get back on the road and head for the village of Ihlara, Mount Hasan gets more beautiful by the kilometer. In minutes we’re driving down into Ihlara Village and around the south end of the valley rim.

ANAVARZA  (added 04-01-2009)

...The ride seems rather swift and we’re here before we know it; the bus stops outside the west gate and we’re shown a most interesting phenomenon, a running water faucet protruding from a tree trunk...

SILFIKE, ANAMUR AND MORE  (added 03-02-2009)

This is an adventure we will not soon forget; join us as we begin our journey to 'no-where' in particular. We've been talking to our friends about the long weekend and where we might go to get away... We talk about Silifke as our possible destination for the day. We opt to take the coastal road west and stay south of the autobahn. We drive through Adana and head toward Tarsus...

THE MOORES VISIT KARATEPE  (added 02-26-2009)

Directly across the courtyard from us is the Shipwreck Museum, which once housed the castle arsenal. Contained within the museum are many artifacts the most impressive is a display of the oldest shipwreck known and brought to the surface: 2300 years of age. Additionally, most of its surviving cargo is also on display here in the museum.

TOURING ADANA  (added 02-26-2009

The village just off base has mostly grown up around the gate. It has tended to grow along the base fence line. It's called İncirlik Village, quaint name don't you think?

VISITING CYPRUS  (added 12-08-2009)

We're off to Cyprus to celebrate our 27th Wedding Anniversary! We make our way to the Adana airport to catch an Atlas Air flight to Ercan Airport near Lefkosa (Nicosia), Cyprus...